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Drug War Chronicle #799 - September 5, 2013

1. Administration Gives States Okay on Marijuana Legalization [FEATURE]

The Justice Department will not -- at least for now -- try to block implementation of marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington, AG Holder said today. And there's a new memo instructing federal prosecutors how to respond.

2. Chronicle Book Review: "Our Lost Border" and "The Fight to Save Juarez"

Two new books on Mexico's drug war shine much needed light on the human costs of the prohibition-related violence, as well as the struggle for Juarez.

3. Drug War Chronicle Needs Your Support

Now more than ever, needs your financial support to continue to provide this crucial informational tool that builds and empowers the movement. We have a special new offer for those donating $50 or more, which this post provides some updated information about.

4. Mexico's New Drug War Looks Like the Old Drug War

Mexico's drug wars continue to take a thousand lives a month, the army is still deeply involved, and the high-profile busts of cartel capos continue apace. What's new about Mexico's drug wars under Pena Nieto?

5. Pot Apocalypse Looms, Marijuana Foes Warn

Thursday's announcement that the feds won't intervene in Colorado and Washington is making some people very unhappy.

6. Cops Cry Foul Over Holder Marijuana Policy Move

Law enforcement groups representing sheriffs, police chiefs, criminal investigators, and narcotics officers have issued a letter signaling their displeasure with the Justice Department's newly announced policy toward marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington.

7. DEA Using Massive AT&T Phone Records Database

The DEA is working hand in glove with one of the nation's largest telecommunications providers, exploiting AT&T's 26-year phone call database to help make criminal cases in what had previously been a secret program.

8. North Carolina Legislature Overrides Drug Test Bill Veto

North Carolina's Republican-controlled legislature has overriden the Republican governor's veto of a welfare drug testing bill.

9. Medical Marijuana Update

Federal prosecutors speak out on how the Justice Department's new stance on legalization will affect their medical marijuana prosecutions (not much), an initiative's language gets rejected for a second time in Arkansas, and much, much more.

10. India Police to Spray Maoist Rebels' Marijuana Crops

Indian police plan on spraying marijuana crops belonging to Maoist rebels. No word on what herbicidal agent they plan on using.

11. This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Even corrupt cops take the Labor Day weekend off. We've only got two this week, and they're both from before the holiday, but they're doozies.

12. Internships: Legislative, Writing/Research, Web, IT, Admin/Finance, Communications

Interns are making an important difference fighting the good fight with us at
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