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Drug War Chronicle #768 - January 24, 2013

1. DC Appeals Court Denies Marijuana Rescheduling [FEATURE]

The effort to get the executive branch to reschedule marijuana has been blocked by a federal appeals court. While appeals will continue, efforts will now turn to forcing change in Congress and with the Obama administration.

2. Is It Time for Another DC Marijuana Initiative? [FEATURE]

Although it hasn't made reformers' top target list, Washington, DC, could be ripe for a marijuana reform initiative, whether legalization, expanding medical marijuana, or decrim. Local activists are meeting and national organizations are watching.

3. Internships: Legislative, Writing/Research, Web, IT, Admin/Finance, Communications

Apply for an internship at and you could spend a semester fighting the good fight!

4. Senate Judiciary Chair Calls for End to Mandatory Minimums

Sen. Pat Leahy (D-VT), head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has said he wants to abolish mandatory minimum sentences, and he hopes the federal government doesn't spend a lot of money enforcing marijuana laws in states where it is legal.

5. Hawaii House Speaker Files Marijuana Legalization Bill

A half-dozen states are expected to see marijuana legalization bills filed this year, but Hawaii is first out the gate after the House speaker filed a bill on Friday.

6. Medical Marijuana Update

An important federal court ruling, medical marijuana bills start popping up in the states, more providers get prosecuted, and LA continues to stumble toward a resolution of its dispensary issue.

7. Did You Know? "Doping Cases at the Olympics, 1968-2010," on, part of the family, is an in-depth web site presenting information and views from a variety of perspectives on the medical marijuana issue. The Chronicle is running a six-part series of info items from, of which this week's is the third.

8. Indonesian Court Gives British Grandmother Death for Drugs

A British grandmother caught smuggling 10 pounds of cocaine into the Indonesian resort of Bali has been sentenced to death -- even though prosecutors asked only for 15 years. The court said her actions hurt Bali's reputation as a tourist destination.

9. Colombia's FARC Wants Legal Coca Cultivation

Colombia's FARC guerrillas have called on the Colombian government to consider legalizing coca cultivation for medicinal and therapeutic ends and for cultural reasons.

10. Orlando Man is Year's Second Drug War Death

A young Orlando man has died after being shot by police during a drug investigation Wednesday night. He becomes the year's second drug war fatality.

11. Pregnant Oklahoma Woman Seeks Medical Treatment, Is Jailed Instead, Dies

A Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, woman suffering from terrible pain went to the hospital for help. Instead, she was jailed for possessing two pain pills without a prescription. She died in jail two hours later.

12. This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

There's something fishy in a Virginia evidence room, a Louisiana deputy gets in trouble for peddling fake weed, three suburban Chicago cops were running a dirty racket, an NYPD cop gets himself arrested, and a Miami cop gets himself convicted.
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