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Did You Know? "Doping Cases at the Olympics, 1968-2010," on

Submitted by David Borden on (Issue #768)
Drug War Issues

Did you know there were 127 doping cases reported at the Olympics between 1968 and 2010? Read the details in "Doping Cases at the Olympics, 1968-2010," on the web site, part of the family. Also on "Top 10 Pros and Cons: Should performance enhancing drugs (such as steroids) be accepted in sports?", and other resources.

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CJ (not verified)

look this really pisses me off. But full disclosure, i think the war on doping vs the war on drugs are slightly different.


this is what pisses me off though. Here we are, reformists - yeah yeah yeah lets put aside that some of us are just stoners wanting legal weed and others of us heroin users whod like all drugs to be legal but specifically heroin. let's just put that aside for a second and call ourselves reformists for a moment.


ok. good. now, this is what pisses me off - maybe nobody agrees, it wouldnt be the first time. But I look at these so called  "dopers" which to me is just ridiculous, they must be some special kind of doper because all the dopers ive lived/worked with/called a brother/sister etc havent been in great physical shape and multimillionaires but whatever i am totally cognisant of the fact that there are glorious opiate lovers with loads of cash who i will never ever know but whom may be insanely important people in their communities dope banging all day and all night - the heroin success stories that we'll never know about, theyre super good at what they do and thus it will be a secret forever. fine. anyway thats enough about "doper" as a label.

I see these people, Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and the list goes on and on and on and on. I am totally understanding of the fact that alot of them may be conservative politically. OK. But I dont buy that they all are. Not only that. Look, I feel these people man have been publicly crucified, publicly hunted, publicly ridiculed and tainted. For some it'll be a life long stigma.

It pisses me off that none of these high profile guys, not one of them have taken a stand and said YEAH SO WHAT? THE WAR ON DRUGS IS DUMB. IT DOESNT WORK AND I DONT AGREE WITH IT.

Damn man. Not one. You know what? ATLEAST ITS SOMETHING. But they dont. You know what they all do? They lie and dig holes that get deeper and deeper and they bury themselves. If they dont come on TV to beg for forgiveness and lie, then they just disappear and hide like a fugitive.

I think its real pathetic. You know, there are celebrities who do back us. Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, so many others, hell, sexiest woman alive Angelina Jolie is one of my club, the dope banger club that is. But for the most part they're limited to short commentary etc. These ball players man, why not take a stand? They push you - PUSH BACK man.

There's only one issue with it okay and its not drug war stuff its competition stuff. The only thing "wrong" about it is that it's against the rules of the competition. None of us asked to be born into this world and certainly most of us had no say in prohibition, we were born into it. We didn't ask. Now we try to change it. On the other hand, these athletes want to be apart of a sport and the sport has criteria and they violate that criteria. Whether the criteria is good or not its not my place to say. Id prefer if there were no drug criteria in any capacity in any forum in any business or sport but thats me. The fact is, they wanna be apart of it and they have stupid anti-drug rules, ok so in that capacity its cheating and I understand that. in that way, there's nothing they can say or do they blew it and that's it. Well what's done is done man, transcend this argument for god's sake. Transcend it. Tell everybody "yeah i cheated. i did something against the rules. There's something bigger than this going on though and these rules are a bi-product of something else. The rules of baseball are just a symptom of the war on drugs and I won't stand for it!" GO FOR IT MAN. DO IT. NONE OF 'EM EVER GO THERE BUT THEY CAN AND THEY SHOULD. TAKE CHARGE MAN. YOURE A FREAKIN' CELEBRITY MAN STAND FOR SOMETHING INSTEAD OF A DUMBASS GAME WITH BALLS AND STICKS.

i know alot of people would say its not a sport but for a sec lemme mention wrestling. WWF/WWE. Vince McMahon, a steroid shooting, coke sniffing, testosterone filled maniac and his workers. since the 80s they all love their uppers, downers, alcohol. It's common knowledge. Not perhaps to a casual fan but just do the minimal amount of digging and youll find out all the classic wrestlers of yesterday all LOVED smoking weed, chewing pills, shooting steroids, sniffing coke, taking prescription pain killers in abundance and prescription amphetamines. Go look. McMahon turned a blind eye for ages. He'd occassionally institute testing policies but only after public scrutiny. Well the times have changed McMahon. Infact, the Gov't tried to persecute this man for ages. The mainstream has always hated pro wrestling and Vince McMahon. Vinnie-Mac take a stand man. Take a f'n stand for all the dead workers who may be alive in a legal market with more education and less need for hiding stuff and trusting noone but yourself and making fatal mistakes. Be a man god damit take a stand say WWE/WWF Inc. has had enough of this pathetic witch hunt called the war on drugs and we're gonna be the first global company to say we're standing up to it. making a change. We're ahead of our time. F you all and your stupid war on doping, war on drugs.


Damn, somebody do something man. Enough with the BS Oprah "confessionals". Nobody forgives you so stand up for yourself. You took drugs. There's nothing wrong with taking drugs. We all know that and we'd all have your back. Cheating is just a symptom man. We dont care about that. If anybody in reform cares about sports that much to be nuts over someone cheating then Im sorry I think youve got major problems and need to do better drugs or more of the better drugs cause sport is not that important. lives are. the drug war kills. that's important. important people do something important. really important, for once.

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