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Drug War Chronicle #766 - January 10, 2013

1. New Group Seeks to Stop Marijuana Legalization [FEATURE]

Project SAM has emerged as a "third way" effort to blunt progress toward marijuana legalization by emphasizing public health and treatment. Its leaders include a conservative columnist, an addiction-plagued ex-congressman, and a professional neo-prohibitionist.

2. NY Governor Cuomo Calls for Marijuana Law Reform

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has reiterated his call for marijuana reforms, telling the legislature it needs to pass a bill that decriminalizes public as well as private possession of small amounts of marijuana.

3. DEA Raids Three LA Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The DEA was back at it raiding dispensaries again in Los Angeles Wednesday.

4. Federal Magistrate Rules for Harborside Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Oakland's Harborside medical marijuana dispensary won a victory in federal court Monday, but more battles loom.

5. Did You Know? 105 Medical Studies Involving Cannabis and Cannabis Extracts, on, part of the family, is an in-depth web site presenting information and views from a variety of perspectives on the medical marijuana issue. The Chronicle is running a six-part series of info items from, of which this week's is the first.

6. Drug Czar Cites "Serious National Conversation" About Marijuana

The drug czar's rhetoric on marijuana legalization is shifting...

7. Medical Marijuana Update

Montana caregivers continue to get sentenced in federal court, an Arizona lawmaker wants a redo on medical marijuana, an Illinois bill is delayed, and the back and forth continues in California.

8. US, Few Others Object to Bolivia UN Coca-Chewing Bid

Bolivia's bid to rejoin the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs without accepting the treaty's proscription against coca leaf chewing appears to be set to happen, despite the objections of a handful of Western countries.

9. Singapore Death Row Drug Defendants Can Now Seek Review

Singapore is easing up slightly, but only slightly, on the application of the death penalty for drug trafficking offenses.

10. New Bermuda Attorney General Wants Marijuana Law Debate

Bermuda's new attorney general wants Parliament to take up the topic of marijuana law reform, but he's not quite ready to say it's time to legalize or decriminalize it.

11. This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Texas cop wanted cash to make a pot possession arrest go away, Hawaii cop had his own pot garden, Philly cop was peddling 'roids, and then there's the requisite prison guard.
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