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Drug Czar Cites "Serious National Conversation" About Marijuana

Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP -- the drug czar's office) head Gil Kerlikowske said Tuesday that the country is "in the midst of a serious national conversation about marijuana" -- an at least rhetorical advance from his 2009 position that marijuana legalization is "not in the president's vocabulary and not in mine."

Gil Kerlikowske
Kerlikowske's terse comments on the topic came in response to three marijuana legalization petitions posted on the White House's We the People web site, which promises to respond to any petition that garners more than 25,000 signatures. The three had a combined signature total of more than 173,000.

But they also come in a political context altered by last November's elections, when two states, Colorado and Washington, easily approved marijuana legalization initiatives. The use and possession of small amounts of marijuana by adults over 21 is now legal in both states, and officials in both are now grappling with the task of coming up with and implementing regulations for legal marijuana commerce. The federal government has yet to respond substantively as to whether or not it will seek to impede that process.

"Coming out of the recent election, it is clear that we're in the midst of a serious national conversation about marijuana," said Kerliwowske. "At President Obama's request, the Justice Department is reviewing the legalization initiatives passed in Colorado and Washington, given differences between state and federal law."

That was the extent of Kerlikowske's response, except for referring readers to a recent Barbara Walters interview with President Obama in which he said he wasn't ready "to go that far" when it came to the topic of pot legalization, but added that "we're going to need to have is a conversation about how do you reconcile a federal law that still says marijuana is a federal offense and state laws that say that it's legal."

The rhetorical shift was "pretty significant," said Tom Angell, chairman of Marijuana Majority, a recently-formed group calling for decriminalization or legalization.

"I guess it makes a difference when marijuana legalization gets more votes than your boss does in an important swing state, as happened in Colorado this last election," Angell said. "From 'legalization is not in my vocabulary and it's not in the president's,' as Gil Kerlikowske often used to say, to 'it is clear that we're in the midst of a serious national conversation about marijuana' is a pretty stark shift."

Actions speak louder than words, Angell said, but still…

"Of course, what really matters is to what extent the administration actually shifts enforcement priorities and budgets, but I sure do like hearing the US drug czar acknowledge the fact that marijuana legalization is a mainstream discussion that is happening whether he likes it or not."

washington, DC
United States
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The new buzzword for this administration is "middle ground"

But it's just meaningless rhetoric.  Ever since we've entered this "serious discussion about marijuana" (Read: the people are sick and tired of prohibition), the administration has changed up its stance to this whole idea that "legalization is one extreme end of a spectrum opposite from criminal law enforcement.  We think the solution lies in a middle ground between the two, and that neither opposite extremes are effective."

Why do I say that is meaningless?  Because there IS no middle ground on this issue.  Someone please explain to me, where this mythic middle ground exists?  Weed is either legal, or illegal.  There can't be a "middle" between the two... the idea is just stupid.  They talk about diverting people out of the criminal justice system with drug courts, but drug courts are still the criminal justice system.  You're just replacing jail time with mandatory rehabilitation courses, and you're just replacing fines with all the fees associated with that... oh, and by the way: you're still stigmatizing people with an arrest record even if they're bound for "drug court" instead of criminal court.

Part of that conversation is comparing alcohol vs. cannabis

The prohibitionists act like they have attention deficit disorder if you try to get them to compare the dangers of alcohol vs. marijuana. But it's Public Health 101 to make that comparison, though you wouldn't know it from the public health community, who are asleep at the switch.

No Shite Sherlock


"It is clear that we're in the midst of a serious national conversation about marijuana." He then added, "Also, don't tell anybody, but I think Ellen DeGeneres might be gay." I'd ask what rock this guy's been under but the answer is obviously his own hair.

 But what about our ... our


But what about our ... our dear beloved teeny-weeny children?

The fun is just starting.

Obama's DOJ has been able to sneak around going after patients with little difficulty. If they decide to go after WA and Co though it will have to be head on against those state's voters.They will not get a pass on the evening news for this attack on voters rights compared to federal law. This would show the country, on a large scale, that the reasons for their efforts to continue cannabis prohibition, are not based on sound logic, but are continued for monetary gain and social control. The drug czar loves to talk about control when talking about the war on drugs. The drug czar also needs to tell his counterpart at the UN that Americans can change bad laws, we call it voting, or at least that is what they taught me in school.

War is Over!

The feds are keeping quiet because they have no real response. 
The truth is the feds have no real power at all and are loath to admit it. 

The drug war is central to their domination of the world. Without it's destabilizing influence, violence and corruption will dry up and the cops and soldiers will have to go home and get real jobs. When everyone realizes that there is nothing the feds can do to stop people pursuing reform, then other states and nations are just going to start reforming their way out of the huge mess that the drug war has made out of the world. The example that Colorado and Washington will make over the next twelve months for what legalization will look like will pull the drug war down just like the Berlin Wall. There is no going back from here. War is Over!

That's It?

When the best Gil can do is refer to a Barbara Walters interview, I think that means it's about time for an official policy statement.  If somebody used that interview as a defense in a federal trial, they'd be out of luck.  But in lieu of something real, it's the best the feds have right now.  Pretty pathetic.

Why They're Keeping Quiet

The feds can't actually take action until something "official" happens in WA or CO.  Like a legal mj store opening for business.  Until then, there're no "damages" upon which to base a court case.  Nothing they can do about a state dropping criminal penalties, so the only real issue would be the state licensing and sanctioning the sale of a controlled substance.  And for now, that's all still hypothetical.  Hence, there's really nothing for the feds to say at this time.  When the stores start opening, the raids and court challenges will begin.


The fed just need to explain how WA,and CO voilated the CSA, by allowing voters in their state to legalize marijuana. Serious issues should not be up to the voters of a state to deside. The evidence shows how legaliztion of a crime(marijuana) yes marijuana. Is a crime! Is wrong and illegal to do so. You can not legalize something that's illegal! That's aginest the constution. Now you'll see ballots in 2014/2016 , to legalize other crimes such as rape,child molestion,murder. Hell might as well legalize them now, since marijuana induces all three of those dispicable acts onto the user. Canada is the worlds largest producer of child porn,Also they have a federal Medicinal Marijuana program. See the connection. Marijuana use is linked to pedophilia. Marijuana policy shouldn't be up to the voters,that's just asking for trouble from unintellegint,uniformed constutes who know nothing about how policys should work. They just opened a can of bees, marijuana policy should be left to the experts, ONDCP, DEA,DOJ,FDA. We need a federal law that forbids allowing citizins to vote on drug policy. Watch as child molestion cases skyrocket in WA,CO . I actually just read an ardical from denver post,about how this guy smoked some of that new legal pot.and went on a pyschopathic rampage and breaking into 4 daycare centers,and an elementry school. And hid in the restrooms while "toking it up" and he proceeded to voilently rape those innocent children unluckey enough to venture to the restroom to tinkle. 87 kids where brutely raped,tramatized,and about 56 of them he also murdered them by hanging them from pipes in the bathroom cileings and proceeded to molest them more. He was fine before he smoked marijuana,but soon as he smoked it ,he was stricken with pedophilic lust murder. This isn't a lie,fib,or fable. The feds need to just arrest the voters from WA,CO for treson, volaiting international treatys. In that stupid ass act of legalizing dope, they're helping fuel the terrorist,helping the taliban,Causing more people to die from marijuana fuels the murders in mexico,shows disrepect for Law Enforcements efforts to keep the streets safe for children. Everybody needs to lock their doors because there's potheads out there now they breaking into your houses to steal from you,in their induces. Deleusal,loss of reality,rage, lowered iq. No body ever should smoke marijuana. I'm glad I live in Florida where I know our laws are harsh,and they work perfectly.any wonder why florida has the lowest use in the country?not to menton are laws work so well few ever get arrested,because Floridians know what happens when your caught. Though it would be wiser for us floridians to lower the amount for a felony. Anything like a seed,stem,and anything over a half gram should be a felony with mantory 10 years sentence,no early release. It be even better to make possison over 18 grams(which is enough to roll 50 joints!) Captial punishment. Fuck you WA,Fuck you CO voters for proving once again people are retarded enough to think its okay to legalize a crime. Thanks for destorying Freedom. God damn Commies,Nazis, sociolist. WA,CO voters don't respect the laws,they spit all over the constution,they hate freedom,and think drug users deserve rights. When drug users are just a drain on socity,costing us a fortune. Pot heads just need to be exacuted on the spot. The feds should just cut funding to WA,CO.and take away federal social benifit programs away from them.those state officals should get arrested for voliating federal law. Federal Law trumps state laws no matter what, so those "legalized" laws are just false dicomoney. The states don't have the right to go ageinst the CSA , those vote were unconstutional and illegal. Now we have to protect the children seriously. The CSA is to keep kids safe, that's why we're fighting this war.for them. Thanks for telling kids its okay to get high and be a loser,and go kill and rape people. That's what legalized pot says to kids. CO,WA citiztins your going to hell, jesus is crying because of what you've done. Fucking make me sick. Those poor sweet innocent,beautiful ,petite children. Fucking sick ass mother fuckers! Go to hell,and never come back no more.


man u r from another planet,the feds don't need to do anything to Co.and Wa. the sate and the PEOPLE remember we elect who goes in office and the feds can't cut spending check ur facts dude wait ur not worthy to talk to u know nothing u need help real bad sir because u look and sound like a nut case and u r,rapeing little girls smoking in the bathroom give me a break wake up and toke up,,,


Sooooo....Should we still have slaves? Should woman still not be allowed to vote? Those laws changed.  Everything you said is a lie! Quit trollin' around on this site because most the people who read the stuff you post have IQ's higher then a plant (pun intended) when its clear you do not. Oh yeah... The Constitution was written on Hemp paper troll!


u r disturbed my friend,,,

You sir are a very ignorant,

You sir are a very ignorant, misinformed, small minded person. Comparing smoking cannabis to rape and pedophilla is basically comparing apples to steak. The two are not even remotely related. You must live under a rock considering you can't even spell the word article (instead of ardicle). An stood luck trying to arrest and execute every pothead out there. There is t enough federal agents out there. Plain and simple. You know countries like Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and Malaysia have the death penalty for drugs. Maybe you'd be more happy there. Because the genie is out if the bottle now. Americans want their pot. Don't like it? Leave! I don't see how you can say such BS about a plant that has been medically proven to be less harmful than tobacco, alcohol, and most pharmaceuticals. Quit relying on outdated BS propaganda to guide you through life. People like you are the reason why people in other countries think Americans are all stupid. So knock it off!!


Has to be satirical, no one is that ignorant


You are truly a Patriotic American ! And ,like all 'good' Americans , an Ignorant follower of Corporate Media lies .Prohibition didn't work against alcohol and it won't work against Pot. The only person the kids need worry about are YOU ! Now put down that Mien Kampf Bible and go back to the Playboy articles .

Kevi writes; "You can not

Kevi writes;


"You can not legalize something that's illegal"


Well then, guess we better start arresting homosexual people again.


Oh, and if you can't change laws, does this mean slavery is legal again?


Dr Jane.

Pot and pedophelia?

Kevi, you have absouletly NO clue what you are talking about. I'd rather have ANY of the stoners I know for a Dad than the square who cussed us, beat us, and raped us While under the influence of FRESH AIR. Stoned people sit and enjoy the buzz and the company or the hobby of choice. I can guarentee you if you are not wicked anyway POT will NOT make you wicked. Oh yeah, I've been to college foe psychology 4 times due to my desire to deal with people like you. Then I realize you can't fix delusional (or stupid.)

I can honestly say that i

I can honestly say that i have never heard about someone smoking a joint and going out to murder/rape/molest anything but thier own fridge.......Let alone anybody "overdosing" from pot. Please post a link to an article about such crimes... I would be quite interested to read more on this. The instance that you are speaking of is about "fake weed". Thats potpourri sprayed with a thc mimicking characteristic.. Now that's an entire different subject all together.. There's plenty of articles of rapes/murders/ and molestations happening because of heroin,meth,coke,those types manufactured drugs.


please people that don't know anything about marijuana keep ur comments to urself because they r of no value to us who do know,,,stay out,,,

Now, lets stop drug testing

Now, lets stop drug testing for employment. If high on the job then yeah, fire your ass, but on your own time, who cares. If drug test do not stop then nothing has changed.  The prohibitionist have xanax, abilify, prosac, oxycodone,  hydrocodone, etoh, and you name it. All of those drugs can and do kill every year. Pot as far as I know does not kill. wtf


Has to be satirical, no one is that ignorant.

check out Marijuana Majority

Checked out their web site (, and i think you'll agree they have an effective approach to advancing legalization.

Retreat Mode

Vice President Biden and his pals at the ONDCP are laying low in the bush and watching and waiting to see how things go . They see that " Big Green Tsunami " coming . What are they going to do ? States do not have to enforce Federal Law . When you see Humans waging war against a plant , then you know that corruption is in full effect . Who on Earth wants their child to grow up to be a " plant " cop ? 

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