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Drug War Chronicle #761 - November 29, 2012

1. Outrage at Potential Sentence for Montana Medical Marijuana Grower [FEATURE]

A Montana medical marijuana grower is looking at an 80-year mandatory minimum federal prison sentence after standing on principle and refusing onerous plea bargains. Now, Chris Williams' supporters are rallying.

2. Chronicle DVD Review: Code of the West

A brilliant documentary by filmmaker Rebecca Richman Cohen tells the story of Montana's medical marijuana wars. Code of the West is definitely worth watching.

3. Tax-Deductible Donations Support the Cause

We are approaching a new year, in a new time, with critical opportunities and critical work needed to be done. A tax-deductible donation as year's end approaches will make sure the word gets out in 2013 -- a non-deductible donation will help us advocate legislatively too.

4. Uruguayan Deputies Say Legalize All Drugs

Even as Uruguay moves to create a system of state-regulated marijuana commerce, legislators from across the political spectrum are calling for the legalization of all drugs in a bid to blunt the threat from the drug trade.

5. Dutch Plan to Ban Potent Marijuana From Cannabis Cafes

Holland's conservative justice minister has announced a plan to reclassify high-potency marijuana as a hard drug like heroin or cocaine and bar it from being sold in the country's famous cannabis coffee shops.

6. New Poll Finds Canadians Want Marijuana Law Reform

Two out of three Canadians want marijuana law reform, according to a new poll. That's in line with other recent polling, but out of whack with the policies of the Conservative government.

7. Medical Marijuana Update

Arizona marks a medical marijuana first, there's an ominous move by the feds in Northern California, Illinois is considering a medical marijuana bill, and that's not the half of it.

8. Marijuana Legalization Initiative Filed in Montana

Which state will be the next to legalize marijuana? Activists in Montana are taking steps to make it happen there in 2014.

9. Ohio Cop Kills One in Undercover Bust Gone Bad

An undercover heroin bust gone bad in Cincinnati has left one young man dead, one wounded, and one on the run.

10. This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

There seem to be some problems with drug task force leadership in Mississippi, and a Michigan cop gets in trouble for treating the forfeiture shed as his own personal pawn shop.
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