New Poll Finds Canadians Want Marijuana Law Reform

Even as the Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephan Harper institutes harsher penalties for some marijuana offenses, a new poll finds that nearly two-thirds of Canadians favor either decriminalizing or legalizing marijuana, while less than one-third favor the status quo or harsher penalties.

The poll, from Forum Research, found that 33% backed legalization, while 32% favored decriminalization of small amounts. Support for legalization was down seven points over last year's Forum Research poll, while support for decriminalization was up by six points. Overall, support for marijuana law reform was essentially unchanged from last year.

Only 17% supported leaving the laws as they are, while 15% wanted stiffer penalties. Support for the status quo or stiffer penalties was strongest among Conservatives.

Support for legalization was highest among people under 35, men, people with incomes over $100,000, and Ontario and Atlantic region residents. British Columbians, Ontarians, and Quebeckers also had strong support decriminalization.

"Legalization is a smart policy for the Liberal Party to adopt as it plays into their natural strengths and against those of the government. It's an issue many Canadians appear willing to rally around," said Forum Research President, Dr. Lorne Bozinoff. "Public opinion has been ahead of government on this issue for a while."

The Forum Poll was an interactive phone survey of 1,849 randomly selected Canadian residents over 18 conducted on November 19. It has a margin of error of +/-2%.

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Indeed. Canadians could take a lesson from CO/WA voter turnout

What happened in America was that in Colorado and Washington, young voters turned out at a much higher rate than the previous elections, to show up and vote for pot legalization.  More of them in Colorado voted for Amendment 64 than for the president himself!  I suspect the same would be true in Canada.  Wouldn't it be grand to involve younger voters with issues that directly effect them and their future in a very real way that is easy for them to see and connect to?  The Marijuana policy issue is one that can mobilize the young voter demographic and lend their numbers and power to any candidate.

As long as it is illegal, the

As long as it is illegal, the price stays up, the U.S. buys. If Canada or other counties don't like having one of every home being used to grow, perhaps they should reconsider their decision to follow Nixon's mandates concerning MJ.


After all, Canada did not have to roll over for Nixon. Now they(Canadian Govt officials) will have to deal with that decision as it becomes more apparent each day that Canadians, as a whole, do not care that the U.S. provides anti MJ funding and "special trading status". Those two things have little to do with the average citizen and everything to do those in power.


Made lemonade of the situation Minister and not Drug war on your people.

The govt. has ignored its own recommendation!

The fact is, the Canadian Senate examined the marijuana issue and recommended LEGALIZATION to the Canadian Parliament. In response to this recommendation, the Canadian Parliament (read: autocrat Stephen Harper) increased mandatory minimums. And, as indicated above, that goes against the wishes of 65% of the Canadian people. Sad to say, this may be his most popular action! Usually he pisses off a LOT more people.

Create awareness!

First off, it is very rarely you see statistics proving the randomness of a survey. Most people like to keep such data a secret. cannot start microsoft outlook invalid xml Most people like to keep such data a secret. Second, instead of taking polls alone, concentrate on educating the public about the logic why drugs should be legalized and controlled. It may sound counterintuitive to the majority unless the logic behind it is clearly explained.

Obama believes in drug

Obama believes in drug freedom and the abolition of all drug laws, so I will not argue against that.

The government would probably

The government would probably be doing according to the regional surveys of people's opinion and yeah drugs were legalized in a few countries through which people voted for the same. Thanks for the good write up.


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