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Drug War Chronicle #696 - August 11, 2011

1. NJ MS Patient Loses Appeal, Facing Five Years [FEATURE]

Even as medical marijuana distribution centers prepare to open in New Jersey, a Garden State MS patient who grew his own medicine is sadly preparing to spend the next five years in prison.

2. Chronicle Book Review: BONG HiTS 4 JESUS

The BONG HiTS 4 JESUS case made it all the way to the Supreme Court, and now, an Oregon professor has written all about it.

3. Presenting: The Legislative Center

We are pleased to announce a major new section of the web site. And we are seeking your support to continue to make it possible.

4. Poll Finds Majority Support Marijuana Legalization

For the third year in a row, Angus Reid polling shows majority support for marijuana legalization. That is more optimistic than other national polls, but only slightly more optimistic.

5. Arizona AG Files Suit Against Medical Marijuana Clubs

First the Arizona governor and attorney general filed a federal lawsuit effectively stalling medical marijuana dispensaries. Now they've filed a state lawsuit to go after compassion clubs too.

6. WA Man Refuses Marijuana Fines, Chooses Jail

Marijuana civil disobedience came to a Washington state courthouse last week. That's an idea that needs to spread!

7. Mexico Drug War Update

CIA agents and US mercenaries stationed at a military base in northern Mexico are helping fight the drug cartels. And the killing continues...

8. Israel Cabinet Approves Medical Marijuana Guidelines

The Israeli health ministry will begin overseeing medical marijuana production next year under an arrangement approved Sunday by the cabinet.

9. British Lib Dems to Call for Drug Decriminalization

Britain's Liberal Democrats, junior partners in a governing coalition with the Conservatives, are set to call for drug decriminalization, a regulated marijuana market, and heroin maintenance.

10. Houston Deputies Kill Man Fleeing Drug Warrants

A Houston man attempting to evade arrest on drug and other charges was shot and killed by Harris County deputies after he did -- or did not -- hit one of them with his vehicle while trying to flee. That's US drug war death #33 for the year.

11. This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

One crooked sheriff gets indicted, while another cops a plea. Meanwhile, the border generates another three cases of corruption or thuggery.

12. This Week in History

Events and quotes of note from this week's drug policy events of years past.
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