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Drug War Chronicle #664 - December 22, 2010

1. This Year's Top 10 Domestic Drug Policy Stories

This was your year on drugs. Or at least, your year in drug policy reform. Here's our top 10 drug policy issues of the year.

2. This Year's Top 10 International Drug Policy Stories

It's been a busy year on the global drug policy front. Here, we look at some of the biggest stories.

3. Please Make a Year-End Gift for Our 2011 Campaigns

Help bring about the brighter future that awaits us beyond prohibition, by making a tax-deductible educational donation or a non-deductible lobbying donation before year's end.

4. Mexico Drug War Update

More than 12,000 dead in Mexico's prohibition-related violence as of November 30, according to the Mexican attorney general, and more than 30,000 since Calderon called out the troops in December 2006.

5. This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

From the Rio Grande Valley to New York City, it's more cops gone wild this week.

6. Former British Drug Czar Says Legalize It All

The debate over British drug policy heats up again as a Labor stalwart who served as drug czar and defense minister calls for legalization.

7. Patients Protest Israel's First Medical Marijuana Raid

An Israeli police raid on a medical marijuana dispensary has sparked protests in Tel Aviv.

8. EU Court Okays Dutch Coffee Shop Ban for Foreigners

A ruling by the European Court of Justice paves the way for the Netherlands to ban foreigners from buying weed in the country's famous coffee shops. Is Amsterdam about to become Amsterdone?

9. Montana Marijuana Prosecution Runs into Jury Pool "Mutiny"

You've heard of jury nullification? How about jury pool nullification? That's basically what happened to a small-time marijuana charge in Montana last week.

10. Marijuana Bust No Longer Automatic Arrest in New Orleans

The Big Easy just got a little bit easier. Get busted for smoking a joint in New Orleans now and you just get a summons, not a trip to the slammer.

11. Marijuana Legalization Billboard Goes Up on I-5 Near Seattle

Now, there's a sight for sore eyes! A huge pot legalization billboard has gone up on I-5 outside Seattle.
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