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Drug War Chronicle #655 - October 28, 2010

1. Latino Police Officers Endorse Prop 19 [FEATURE]

A national Latino police officers' association has joined the roster of groups supporting Proposition 19. Disproportionate arrests of Latinos for marijuana might have something to do with it.

2. California Blacks Disproportionately Busted for Marijuana, Report Finds [FEATURE]

As the Prop 19 campaign heads into its final days, it is releasing evidence that California's pot laws are disproportionately aimed at minorities. Today, a report on black pot arrests; next week, one on Latino pot arrests.

3. George Soros Kicks in a Million Dollars for Prop 19

George Soros has come through with a million bucks for Prop 19. This last minute boost could put the measure over the top.

4. California Chamber of Commerce in Anti-Prop 19 Radio Attack Ad Campaign

The California Chamber of Commerce doesn't want employers to lose the ability to fire unimpaired workers who fail a drug test for pot, so it's now throwing $250,000 into an anti-Prop 19 radio ad campaign.

5. Prop 19 Down in Two New Polls

Two recent polls have Prop 19 losing. Is this the "Reverse Bradley Effect" at work? Let's hope so.

6. Prop 19 "Robo-Polling" Shows Majority Support

The Yes On 19 campaign Friday released an internal poll showing that likely voters support the initiative to control and tax marijuana by a margin of 56-41 when presented with an automated questionnaire but are less likely to state their support to live interviewers.

7. Mexico Drug War Update

Another bloody week in Ciudad Juarez and another rough week for Mexican police.

8. This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

A Kentucky sheriff gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar, a Texas deputy gets busted for protecting a drug dealer, two Southern California cops get nailed for doing robberies disguised as drug busts, and a small-town Wisconsin cop lets her crack habit get the best of her.

9. Cuomo Opposes Medical Marijuana, Paladino Says Let the People Decide

There are two major party candidates for governor in New York. Guess which one opposes medical marijuana.

10. European Union Uses Weak Evidence to Urge Mephedrone Ban

Bureaucratic reflexes have kicked in at the European Union. Confronted by a new drug, mephedrone, the EU calls for a continent-wide ban.

11. This Week in History

Events and quotes of note from this week's drug policy events of years past.
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