Drug War Chronicle #465 - December 15, 2006

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1. Editorial: Could It Be More Clear?

It's time to make just and rational sentencing a litmus test of basic morality.

2. Feature: New Jersey Legislature Approves Needle Exchange Bill, Governor Will Sign

The last holdout state in the needle exchange battles has now enacted legislation legalizing the programs.

3. Feature: Clamor Grows for Freedom for Texas Marijuana Prisoner Tyrone Brown

Tyrone Brown violated probation as a 17-year-old by smoking marijuana, and was sentenced to life in prison for it. He's still there, but maybe not for long.

4. Feature: Belgian Bud Brouhaha Unfolds as Antwerp's First Open Marijuana Garden Gets Busted Before Beginning

A Belgian marijuana consumer group used a Tuesday press conference to announce its collective garden, but police had other ideas.

5. Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

This week's edition of corrupt cops stories is heavy on the dope-dealing prison guards. Not to worry, though, there's more.

6. Medical Marijuana: Eddy Lepp Wins a Battle

The DEA seized more than 30,000 plants from Eddy Lepp in 2004, calling it their biggest cultivation bust ever, but a judge this week threw out the evidence. Lepp has more battles ahead.

7. Southwest Asia: US Drug Czar Announces Afghanistan Will Spray Opium Poppies

With Afghan opium production going through the roof, US drug czar John Walters announced Saturday that the Afghan government would begin using herbicides to eradicate the poppy crop. But the Afghan government hasn't officially agreed yet.

8. Bad Science: Congress Passes Measure Okaying Mycoherbicide Testing, But Limits It to US Labs

Congress has passed a measure that will allow for the testing of potentially dangerous mycoherbicides to be used to destroy illicit drug crops. But in a victory for reformers, the okay will be limited to labs in the US -- not fields in Latin America.

9. Methamphetamine: DEA to Create National Lab Site Registry

The DEA jumped on the meth registry bandwagon last week, with a twist.

10. Addiction Treatment: Congress Allows Certified Physicians to Take On More Buprenorphine Patients

Congress last Friday moved to expand the number of patients certified physicians can treat with buprenorphine for opiate addiction. This is the second increase in two years.

11. East Asia: Reefer Madness Snares Taiwan Celebrities

Some Taiwanese celebrities are getting unwanted attention these days as police pursue allegations that they -- gasp! -- smoked marijuana.

12. Weekly: This Week in History

Events and quotes of note from this week's drug policy events of years past.

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