Drug War Chronicle #463 - December 1, 2006

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1. Feature: World Bank-UN Report Offers Grim Assessment of Afghanistan Opium Battle, Says Winning Will Take Decades, Not Years

A new report from the World Bank and UN is just the latest to warn of the difficulties facing drug warriors in Afghanistan. The report is comprehensive, exacting, and grim.

2. Feature: Medical Marijuana Gets a Hearing in Michigan

Medical marijuana came to the state legislature in Michigan this week, for the first time -- and made an unexpectedly strong showing.

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5. Sentencing: Correctional Supervision At All-Time High With Over Seven Million People Tied to the System

In its latest annual studies on the prison and probation/parole population in the US, the Bureau of Justice Statistics reports the numbers are at an all-time high. Again.

6. Search and Seizure: US Supreme Court Lets State Rulings Barring Drug Dog House Searches and Restricting Traffic Stop Drug Searches Stand

The US Supreme Court Monday refused to hear appeals of state court decisions limiting law enforcement's ability to conduct searches in two states.

7. Drug Raids: Cops Looking Worse and Worse as Facts Emerge in Deadly Atlanta Case

The killing of an elderly Atlanta woman in a drug raid last week continues to reverbrate through the community. With each passing day, the police are looking worse.

8. Medical Marijuana: California Supreme Court Rules Patients Can Transport It

The California Supreme Court has ruled that qualified medical marijuana patients can transport their medicine -- as much as they need -- without being subjected to arrest and conviction.

9. Marijuana: Lowest Priority Initiatives Coming to Maine

Maine could become the next state where municipalities pass a lowest law enforcement priority marijuana initiative. Activists there have the process well under way already.

10. Legalization: Vermont States Attorney Calls for Decriminalization of All Drugs

A Vermont states attorney has spoken out publicly against the drug war. All drugs should be "decriminalized" and drug abuse considered as a public health issue, he says.

11. Marijuana: Michigan Legalization Initiative Gets State Okay to Gather Signatures for 2008

A Michigan group has won approval from the State Board of Canvassers to begin a signature gathering drive for an initiative that would legalize the possession of marijuana by adults.

12. Southeast Asia: New Thai Government to Begin Investigating 2,500 Murders Committed During Thaksin's Drug War

While he was Thai Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra unleashed a drug war in which more than 2,500 were killed. Now that he has been deposed, the new government is promising to investigate the murders.

13. Southeast Asia: Myanmar Military Turns Blind Eye to Allied Ethnic Militias' Opium Trade

The military junta in Myanmar has been crowing about how it's cooperating in the fight against opium production, but a report from the Shan States suggests the military is turning a blind eye to production and trading by allied ethnic militias.

14. Press Release: World AIDS Day: Advocates Call to Lift Federal Ban on Syringe Exchange - Take Politics Out of HIV Prevention

Harm reduction advocates are looking to the new Congress with hope.

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Events and quotes of note from this week's drug policy events of years past.

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