Marijuana: Michigan Legalization Initiative Gets State Okay to Gather Signatures for 2008

The Michigan Board of State Canvassers this week approved a petition from an Eaton Rapids group for an initiative that would allow adults to use and grow marijuana on private property. The action means that the group, Medical and Recreational Peace, can now begin gathering signatures to put the measure on the 2008 ballot.

It will be an uphill battle for the all-volunteer group. Under Michigan law, initiative organizers must garner more than 300,000 valid signatures of registered voters to make the ballot. Similar efforts have failed in 2000, 2002, and this year.

Michigan is more likely to see a 2008 medical marijuana initiative. While a hearing in the legislature this week is unlikely to lead to action this year, the legislature will have 2007 to pass a medical marijuana bill. If that doesn’t happen, there are already murmurings about going the initiative route. Indeed, one state senator has already suggested as much.

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Pain medication

I have severe spinal injuries and am unable to obtain medications to help me with the pain and live a quality life. The doctors will do surgery even though that is not recommended in my case because they fear loss of license by the DEA. I don't know what to do anymore. I have been injured by spinal injections and know surgery is the wrong option. Why are patients caught in the middle of this drug war. All I want is legal pain management supervised properly by a doctor.

justice in macomb county michigan

What is Justice?
I just went through what I thought was to be a fair trial.
This is how it started. I was going down the freeway smoking a joint, actually it was a roach. I know that wasn't the smartest thing to do, but I did.

I passed a Michigan State trooper that was just getting back on the freeway after pulling over another motorist. He got behind me and pulled me over for having expired plates, not another smart move. He smelled the pot and asked me where it was at. He told me that if i told him where it was it it would be easier thatn a full search,I gave it to him. He told me that he would be easier on me, but he could actually get me for a D.U.I. so I reasoned it out, I agreed. He instructed me to follow him to the Clinton Twp. Police dept. he told me would cut me free if my record was clean. I've never been in trouble before, so I agreed.
So far so good. I was clean. and went on my way.

Now heres where it all the trouble starts. Now you have to understand. Iv'e never been in trouble before, no running of stop signs, no over the speed limits, no previous pot problems, no nothing. I went to the Macomb County 41st-B District Court believing that I would get a fair trial. I went to a small, what I thought was a counceling before the trial. They told me that if I pleaded guilty and since it was my first ever offence that things would go easy for me. I was told that I probaly would be given a short probation, although they couldn't tell me what kind of fine. (oh yea, I didn't get an attorney because I couldn't afford one and I really beleived in the system). I pleaded guilty. I couldn't believe what happened next. I was given a $945 fine and had to return for sentencing after a screening (another $100). I told him that there was no way that I could come up with that kind of money, I told him I've had 5 get it 5 Heart Attacks and Open Heart Surgery. I told him that I didn't have a job and had no money coming in. I told him that no one in there right mind would hire me. He told me that if I had the money to smoke marijauna, I had the money to pay the fine. Well the truth of the matter is, I play in band an I asked for the Roaches to take home with me after a practice (another stupid move, I didn't take them in the house, I never thought of them as a big deal). He wouldn't listen to me.

So I went to the screening, and then went back to court.
Here's what happened. In front of me was a person that was given a (get this) $350 fine for indecent exposire. He had his priviates out. was given 30 days to pay the fine and was released and actually given money back. Actually I thought I was going to be given an even break. Actually Iheard some pretty relaxed fines, but the one before me made me mad after what happens next.

The judge asked me if I had any questions about my circumstances, I said yes. I again told him that there was no way that I could come up with a $945 fine, Court costs, and $100 screening. I asked if there was a way I could give him the money I had ($300). I reminded him that I couldn't work because of my medical condition, He told me that If I didn't have the money I'd have to do 45 days in Jail, get on the phone and get someone to give me the money. and he also told me that I had a Years probation and had to do drug screenings. at my own expence. Now that makes a criminal out of someone that's never been in trouble. I thought they DECRIMALIZED pot. The bailiff felt sorry for me and told me that if I had half the money that he would give me 30 days. He told me that he heard my story and felt sorry for me.

I wrote a bad check for $500.......

Now heres the kicker. a few weeks ago, A certain Macomb County Circut Judge was pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol and was driven home. I would like to know why she wasn't arrested on the spot, taken to jail and why she was given the special treatment she was given.
Also I would like to know what judge resided over that case and If any other special treatment was given to her.

Oh yea, I never was charged with the original expired tags or not having proof of insurance (which I did have). Why I was told to drive under the Influience to the Police Station.

Was that now an ILLEGAL SEARCH and should that have been thrown out of court. I beleive that if the Trooper actually thought that the pot was that bad, he would have gotten me for the D.U.I.

Can I sue the Judicial System, (Anyone know a Lawyer)I also told them that I do pain killers and may not understand the law becuase of the Buzz I have while underthe enfluience.

Vic O

What do you need?

To be honest I too got F*cked in a deal making situation with the police. I took the fall for a very good friend of mine ~Who also suffers from mental handycap~ I took the fall and the police arrested him for driving under the influence and then let me walk ~With a JOINT IN MY EAR~ and never took it. Then When I went to court I explained that It was my first affence ever and the jugue gave me ~funny enough~ a $420 fine, with 11 months probation, A 15 fine everytime I droped for my PO. And untop of that i have to pay $1000 this year and next for a drivers responibiltys act passed 3 years ago.
I was young and dumb and belived my parents knew what was best for me so I listen to everyone else without researching it for myself. I could have beat that fucking ticket and my friend could have to. Never read his rights, never searched me, felt up a girl I was with, and failur to appear at court.
But my advice to you is this, There is not much either of us can do now about it. You got screwed again by the great system that or country calls goverment. I say it's a multi million doller business for them. they reek the benifits while ruining others lives. Are you still on probation? If so let me know about the cost and I will give what I can to help. I hate to hear that they would treat a man in your shoes the way they did. I'm outraged but at the same time sadend by the fact that a jugue couldn't feel for you. My wishes go out to you and hope that all is better in your life now, and if you ever need a friend to help, I'll be there, I really belive that if the goverment wont look out for us then lets stick together. I'm going door to door this year witht the new petition's to legalize pot. I'm hoping to get atleast 300,000 signatures myself. So the goverment can put that in there pipe's and smoke it. Stay safe and remember that there really are peole in this world who care, I'm just sorry it's comming from a fellow user, but not an abuser. Have a great christmas man. peace love and good times.

ninja Al AKA Alex Nehring, Kalamazoo MI

re: what do you need?

man that sucks. i just got caught at school, they called the cops and everything. i just have one question. is there any way or any chance i will not get put on probation? i really dont wanna have to quit. email me if you have any answers please: [email protected]


man i just finished reading your story man were your rights violated on so many levels i live in mich. and after going through my own matters with the system ... i have learned volumes on what we as american citizens can do to fight the machine . i try to educate like minded people about these very issues ... free for discussion by e-mail or by phone 313-475-3997

darrell w.

You are screwed

There is no justice system in the US. Judges, cops can break any law they want and the government will throw them a parade. The judge that ruled so angrily against you yet went out and risked the lives of innocent motorists will be given a raise for demonstrating how people in power and authority can abuse the system all the while expressing thier undying rage for John Q Public. Judges and cops are sadistic villains who because they have such an overwhelming desire to harm the meek, need to find a legal outlet to perpetrate thier hatred. So, we let them run law enforcement and the courts so satisfy thier evil cravings.

In truth, the judge that treated you so poorly, I believe should be summarily executed. Nobody has the right to tell you what you can or can't put into your body and anyone that would impinge on your liberty should be publicly executed for trampling on liberty. It will not happen though. If I were you I would go to the hearing of the judge and when your old judge is about to be sentenced, you ask the judge if you can say something on behalf of the state of Michigan. If you are allowed, then let her have it. Demand the harshest penalty and demand disbarrment and removal from the bench . Answer back who this evil judge is. There may be other legal avenues for punishing these sadisticly heinous villains.

Our government is so

Our government is so corrupt. We all would be better off living in communist China. I feel for you. The people who want to keep weed out of the hands of people are the same dumbfucks that smoked it in the 60's.

i will show you how to be

i will show you how to be rid of probation and unjust sentences ... i have the proof to back my claims

darrell w.

Michigan Petitions for Legalization of Marijuana

Does anyone have a copy of the proposed petitions for the 2008 legalization of marijuana in Michigan?

Please let me know.

[email protected]

Petitions For the Michigan Marijuana Proposal

Visit the following link to get your hands on the petitions. Make sure you read the instructions! The Petitions MUST BE PRINTED ON 8 1/2" x 14" paper ONLY! or else they will be rejected if printed on any other size paper.

Get those Signatures!!! We need 304,101 by no later than June 30th 2007!

Chris Kaczmarek

Ummm Yea

straight up
thats it...
fuck the law


My name is Valorie Parish. I'm 52 years old,a mother of 3,a grandmother of 6 children. I am on disability due to a rape at gun point which leaves me on a very limited income.I m also a marijauna smoker who believes everyone should be able to smoke without legal limitations. So much so that I have been transporting weed from one side of the country to the other to the less fortuntanate. Recently I was stopped while enroute in Nebraska without cause. The officer claimed I was following too closely to the car in front of me. I am a very careful driver, as my records will show,and even more careful when i am transporting. He illegally searched the van and found 525 pounds and I was immedietly arrested and thrown in jail. This brought on a near nervous breakdown as my meds were not given to me propely. I've been given a court appointed lawyer by the name of Michael Goldberg,1013 Howard St. Omaha,Nebraska 402-341-5123. My bail waas set at $100,000.00.,CR07-36979,RB #88942-N. The owner of the weed did bai me out paying $10,000.00 but has since turned his back on me leaving me to fight this alone. With only having a court appointed lawyer,that yells at me everytime we speak, I know I dont stand a chance of coming out of this with with less then 7 years behind bars. Being disabled I know I'll never survive the system and needless to say,Im scared to death. I have no money but need to hire a lawyer that can & will help me out of this mess. He,PJ Eppler,402-691-6213, is asking for at least a $5,000.00 retainer to represent me. Ive exhausted every resource that I have and now need to turn to begging anyone that can help me to please help me. Ive never asked anone for anything before,its always been me giving. I tend to my grandchildren while my kids work and I also live with them. If i get a prison sentence they wont even know who I am by the time I get out and this is almost more then I can bare. I am writting this with the hope that maybe other marijauna activists can help me in my time of need. If so please contact me at 602-391-7139. I will be eternally grateful for any and all contributions or legal help.

Valorie Parish
1727 W. Surrey Ave.
Phoenix,AZ. 85029

In hopes

Unfortunately the person who wrote this is my Mother. I am only replying to this because it is so utterly embarrassing I must set it straight so people will not get duped. I am the oldest of her 3 children ,I have now been out of her life for about 2 years only talking to my younger sister to hear How my mother is. This story she wrote is true( most of it ) Please do not give her money. I can only say that pot is not the only thing she does. She gets wired on coke and god knows what else....She has abused me and left me with horrible scars. She has done this and caused so much hurt to her family that our hands are tied. My 72 year old grandmother can hardly take anymore. As for my kids....well lets just say my youngest she has seen one time ...he is 5 yrs old. I am now 34 and can not take anymore. So her on her asking for help is absolutely crazy. Well at the time she wrote this I guess she was out on bail or probation. She is Now in Omaha Nebraskas jail system and likely will not get out. She has reeked havoc on the family. Thanks for reading this and good will to you .

Misty Jones ( oldest child )

Help me please

on march 20th i was pulled over by macomb county for apparantly going too slow and the officer asked to search my car and ive never been in trouble at all or even pulled over so i said yeah go ahead ( mind you it was my boyfriends car) and he found marijuana under the seat..when he showed me it looked like ciggarette ashes..thats how little there was of it..under a nick...and he arrested me and threw me in jail..i told him i was 6 months pregnant and i do not smoke pot..and he kept telling me i was a liar and blah blah blah...I stayed over night in jail because they wouldnt let me call to let anyone know where i i ahd everyone worrying about me being 6 months pregnant and not coming home or calling because I always call.. finally the next day at 4pm they let me call because i wouldnt stop crying and my fiance came and bailed me out and we got the car out of impound. I went to court and they told me i was going to have up to $1000 in fines and they had to be paid in full the day they are assessed. HOW THE FUCK CAN ANYONE DO THAT?! I get my sentencing on Wednesday and have no idea how im going to pay this and if im going to get probation... im 8 months along now and my fiance hav e been planning on and are moving to als vegas right after the baby is born because of the no income here in MI. I cant work because im pregnant( of course) and my fiance keeps getting laid off ... on top of that I am a fulltime nursing student.
I dont know what i might get stuck with and We cant afford to stay in michigan..
anyone tell em what they might do to me?.....
and if i tell them about the moving thing on wednesday do you think they can work something out?....

to the above

my e-mail is
[email protected]

alarm on my house went off......

this is really f'd. on june 9th 2008 my home alarm went off and police entered my home. they found my personal bag on my coffee table in my basement and rendered that sufficient evidence to request a warrant for my house. they said because of one bag next to a pipe that they believed through training that drug trafficking was going on. back up, how does a bag next to a bong constitute me to be a dealer. i can see if the bag was next to a scale or they found the whole shabang but they didnt. upon there search when the warrant got there they found 8 more oz and charged me with intent to distribute felony firearm and posseion of a unregistered firearm. my pointe is why are the police allowed to assume when what michigan laws says plain view is what i'm to be charged with(remember they came into my house to check for a burglar not because they thought drug trafficking was going on). has anyone out there ever heard of this happening to someone and if so please reply

Dont break the law and you

Dont break the law and you wont get in trouble. All of your complaints could have been avoided if you all werent dumbfucks. Have fun on probation.

don't break the law??? why is it a law?

Half of our laws are condeming acts and rights that have no buisness being a LAW!
To tell John Q. Citizen that s/he cannot grow, or use marijuanna is absurd!
It's a weed! It grows in the dirt! It is physically non-habit forming, and is shown to reduce anxiety, alieviate pain, and increase appetite.
Can the same be said of the pills we've all been programmed to take, regulated by our corrupt, fat-cat government? I say NO!
There is no process required for pot. It grows, you pack it in a pipe and smoke it. They can't even say that about tabacco anymore! And yet the pills that our society deems necessary for everyday aches and pains, is processed pharmisuticals , many without sufficient study to prove their safety after-long term use!
I use, and am under constant nervousness that something as innocent as THC in my urine is going to ruin my livelyhood, family, and property. I do use responsibly, I don't smoke before i work with the public, I don't smoke before driving, and i don't smoke when my children are around, it's for relaxation purposes after a hard day at WORK, being a productive member of society.
To think that our society has come this far, and yet cannot shurk this outdated stigma surrounding a weed that grows in the dirt.
Let's instead look to supporting our economy, helping our cold and hungry neighbors, fighting drugs that destroy peoples brains like Meth, or Crack, to reporting the truth about Marijuanna.....
I've never met anyone that provides money to terrorists with the pot that they've grown.... it's grown in your neighborhood, by your quiet local green thumb. Usually to supliment they're criminally shameful wage paid by a company more concerned with its profit margine, than it is with the ethical standards it should practice.
Let's unite, let our government know that this is not acceptable! We do not hold marijuanna smokers as criminals, and we want it legalized!
It's your government, it's my government, our voice is the power! Let it be known!!!!

Yes Sir!

Amen to that brother! Im the guy who wrote the blog that he is talking about. im still going to court and probably will go to jail for it

your a straight bitch for

your a straight bitch for sayin that type of shit

Ignorance causes violence

In order to create my ethos, I must say I'm 18 years old. I'm an "-A" student. I'm in Advance Placement courses.

Now, I have taken the time to research marijuana from several sources, both supporting, non-supporting, and nautral, and from my research I have found that it is (1) cancer causing (2) non-addictive (3) has a variety of legitimate uses (4) less damaging than coffee (5) is not a "gateway" drug (6) can be very beneficial to the body (7) illigal because of racism against Mexican migrant workers about 100 years ago (8) if consumed properly, is not cancercausing.

From my point of view, canibus is a non-harmful plant. Yes, it can be carcinogenic, but so is chewing gum.

P.S. Why not get American youth excited to grow a garden?

P.P.S. for those you say it IS BAD, you are ignorant....

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