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Texas Officer Shot Leading SWAT Drug Raid Dies

A Killeen police officer died Sunday, two days after being shot during a pre-dawn SWAT drug raid. Detective Charles "Chuck" Dinwiddie becomes the 16th person to die in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year.

According to KDHN News, members of the Killeen Police Department SWAT team had begun breaking through a window as they served a drug search warrant at 5:30 a.m Friday, when someone inside opened fire on the intruders, wounding four officers.

Dinwiddie was shot in the face and spent two days in critical condition before dying of his wounds Sunday afternoon.

The three other officers wounded all survived. Police said two of them were saved by their protective gear, while the third was shot in the thigh.

Police identified the shooter as apartment resident Marvin Louis Guy, 49. He faces three counts of attempted murder. Authorities are likely to try to upgrade one of those to capital murder.

But in the last case of a Texas police officer killed breaking into someone's home in a SWAT drug raid, the grand jury refused to indict the shooter for the death. That was just four months ago.

Killeen, TX
United States
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Imagine it's you...

Imagine it's you - in your own home - sleeping with your wife and newborn baby - and you hear what sounds like someone breaking-in downstairs. Your first instinct is to get up and grab that trusty ole 12 gauge stuffed with buckshot and investigate. It's dark as you peer down the stairway and see 3 men with guns creeping toward you and your family. You know you're not a drug dealer or criminal so the men approaching must be home-invading thugs. Your first blast shatters the big one's collar bone and goes into his lung and arteries. Your second blast nearly decapitates the next thug and sends the last one running - when a spinal blast cripples him for life.

As an American, your rights should enable you to shoot anyone who invades your home in the middle of the night - including cops who don't identify in your home. Shoot 'em even more after they're down to make sure they're dead. It's a dangerous world out there - and now in your own home too. It's every man for himself. Stay safe, keep plenty of ammo, and good luck.

Requiem for a Pointless Death

Chuck Dinwiddie didn’t have to die.  But he died anyway because hopeless turds in Congress decided that his life was worth less than society’s superstitions about certain molecules, drugs in this case.

When you eliminate the moralizing, the pseudo-intellectualism, the stark fear that altered states of consciousness engender, you’re left with nothing but a wonder of nature.  How is it that a particular molecule affects our bodies and our psyche this way and that?  Does such an interaction destroy the concept of Cartesianism by proving our thoughts are affected by chemicals? Probably.  That would certainly put a bug up their pants.

The knowledge imparted by drug experiences is precious, but the ignorant are too afraid to know.  The mentally imprisoned fear freedom.  Prohibitionists live in a bubble, and they expect us to float their bubble for them.   It is not going to happen.  We will pop their bubble.  Why?  Because they deserve it.

Marvin Guy

Marvin needs help.

Quit writing about this injustice and do something about this injustice.  What if it were YOU?

Write D.A. Garza and request that he dismiss the charges.  I have.

Write to Marvin.  I have.

The SWAT team and the manner of which they acted has caused one of their own to die and they want someone to pay for THEIR mistake.  They tried to execute a search warrant by gaining access into the residence thru breaking in a bedroom window.  What happened to busting thru a door to gain access into a residence like the good 'ol days?  Not only were they breaking in thru a window it was also dark outside, too!

That's a foolish way to execute a search warrant and they're damned lucky more officers haven't died because of their foolish actions.

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