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The Border: Obama to Send 1,200 National Guard Troops in Bid to Fight Drugs

The Obama administration said Tuesday it would send 1,200 National Guard troops to the US-Mexico border and spend more law enforcement money there to combat drug smuggling. The troops will not be used on the front-line, but will provide support services to the already beefed-up border law enforcement apparatus.
Esequiel Hernandez was killed by US Marines near the Texas border, while herding sheep. Are there more such victims to come?
The announcement came as the administration came under increasing pressure from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to "do something" about border security and reflects concerns about the politics of immigration as well as the war on drugs.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) last week called on Obama to send National Guard helicopters from neighboring states to Arizona. She didn't get the choppers, but she did get some attention, and now she will get some National Guardsman.

Although Brewer and other conservatives -- and some liberals -- are screaming to high heaven about the need for more border enforcement, the need for it isn't absolutely clear. In Arizona, the crime rate is down, there are signs that immigrants are leaving, and despite wildly exaggerated claims, Mexican drug cartels are generally very good at keeping their spectacular violence on the other side of the border.

The Obama National Guard deployment is a faint echo of President Bush the Junior's two-year deployment of 6,000 National Guard troops to the border beginning in 2006. Those troops were credited with helping in the arrest of more than 160,000 undocumented immigrants, the seizure of $69,000 in cash, and 305,000 pounds of drugs.

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, fending off a challenge from a rightist congressman, said that 1,200 troops wasn't enough. In a Senate maneuver, he tried to get funding for 6,000 troops Thursday, but was rebuffed.

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Into the Valley of Drugs Rode the Twelve Hundred

I’ve only known one former member of the National Guard.  He said he spent all his free time in the Guard’s metal shop perfecting the ultimate roach clip.  I’ve used it.  It’s a nice clip.

No doubt the 1,200 National Guard soldiers heading for the border will have much better access to cheaper drugs and to drug smuggling opportunities.  Peyote will be everywhere. I wish them a good trip.


McD's picture

Good Work When You Can Get It

Boy, those US law enforcement officials really do have a good job. It's no wonder they fight so hard to keep prohibition alive!

same 0

Same old shit, different day! I hear the judges, retired judges, that is...are getting just like LEAP , retired cops, as they are both on the rise to help us stop the drug war... better late than never? Where were they when we needed them? Oh, still holding on to their jobs. Now I'm not calling them cowards, but? Seems like our only hope is to get on the side that is actually doing things to help us. As it stands the drug cartells have most of the power to help us, because lets face it, our government is not going to help us legalize drugs and put controals on them and keep us safe from breaking down our doors and being arrested as long as we keep paying them to do this with our tax dollars.Not to worry, because soon the drug pins will have enough power and money to help our communities too, just like the ones that are thriving under their care that they have gained controal over so far.So nice to hear that one is soon to be comming near you. They realize the more money and power they have the more they will have to share. You have already heard about how the drug leaders are making the areas they controal a safe and prosperous place to live because they know ,just like any rich person, to stay rich and powerful, charity is a must.Sounds pretty economical to me and think of the money and time we will save to get rid of drug courts, Judges, prisons, lawers, counselors, P.O.s,half way houses,parole boards,drug testers , and the list goes on and on forever and of course more is yet to come. What do you think?

Who writes this weird shit?

Hmmmm.......I dunno.....

mexican border

Why not just make war on Mexico like we have practically evryone else at one time or other...our stupid drug war's killing thousnds of Mexicans and our warlord Gov.doesn't seem to care...they just keep sending our hard earned tax dollars....what idiots!!

the worlds most violent,ruthless and successful cartel

IS us,...We're also the biggest arms dealers...ain't ya proud!

Next President

I thought this guy got it, that's why I voted for him,but as I can now see, he is just another puppet of military machine. Is there a way to get someone into the White house that will do what the People want him to do. I'm tired of all the unfulfilled promises,the Wars, and the lack of progress on all matters important to most Americans. We need a leader who can make the world a more Peaceful place.

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