Marijuana: Marc Emery Associates Plead Guilty in Seattle, Face Canadian Probation

After striking a deal with federal prosecutors, two employees of erstwhile Vancouver pot seed entrepreneur, continuing marijuana legalization activist and Cannabis Culture magazine publisher Marc Emery pleaded guilty in federal court in Seattle last Friday to conspiracy to manufacture marijuana. They will be formally sentenced June 17, according to a press release from the US Attorney's Office for Western Washington in Seattle.
Marc and Jodie Emery (from
Along with Emery, employees Michelle Rainey and Gregory Williams became known as the BC 3 after they were indicted by a federal grand jury in Seattle on marijuana distribution charges because of Emery's seed sales enterprise. Authorities in Canada, where marijuana seed distribution is of ambiguous legal status, knew of Emery's business for years, but failed to act harshly against him or his employees.

Rainey and Williams accepted the guilty pleas on the condition that they be sentenced to two years probation to be served in Canada. Both defense attorneys and prosecutors will recommend that sentence. The judge is not bound to agree to that sentence, but the plea agreement stipulates that either party can call off the deal if the judge does not agree to that sentence.

According to court documents, Rainey filled mail orders for seeds, 75% of which were destined for customers in the US. Williams handled phone orders and walk-in customers. He confirmed Emery's claims that the company was grossing more than $3 million a year in seed sales.

Emery ploughed much of his profits back into the marijuana legalization movement and is known as the Prince of Pot for his loudly held positions. US DEA administrator Karen Tandy crowed at the time of his 2005 indictment that his arrest had dealt a blow to legalization forces, but prosecutors later claimed no political motivation for the bust of one of the drug war's loudest critics.

Rainey and Williams will be formally sentenced June 17. Emery's fate remains unclear. He continues to fight extradition from Canada, and a hearing in the British Columbia Supreme Court is set for the first week of June.

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Looking for the easiest way to join the anti-drug war movement? You've found it!

And now would be an even be a better time to

bring up the horrendous costs that have been expended in pursuing this unconscionable witch-hunt of a DrugWar.

Emery is a Canadian citizen who did everything above the table. Let the Canucks handle this; we've got a full-on fiscal meltdown taking place in this country, and will soon have to decide just who stays in the 'Big House' and who is allowed to quietly walk, because the gravy days of locking up minor offenders to please 'culture warriors' are well past us. 'Da money jes' ain't there, no more'.

And to claim that there were no sociopolitical aspects to this gross miscarriage of justice is patently laughable; Tandy, who pursued Emery like that police inspector in Les Miserables, had the same kind of mindset, and made it quite plan that she was doing it in large part because of Emery's 'loud criticism' of the American-sired DrugWar...and it's proponents. They thought that under the Bush Regime, whose "Justice' department was flush with religious fanatics itching to get back at those they deemed to be moral reprobates, they'd have their chance, and they attacked. And the American people have paid who knows how many millions of dollars into this effort that we now fervently wish we had to spend for better purposes than somebody's culture war vendetta.

Now that the financial chickens have come home to roost, I'd bet Uncle Sam wished the he had the tax revenues that Canada received from Emery's seed sales. Uncle should just cut his losses in this and bug out; the country has much bigger problems to worry about than a somewhat eccentric social activist...that we can't afford to lock up, anyways.

how much did this bogus persicution cost us taxpayers

I'm wondering if they eclpised the 12 million dollars the DEA spent to force Tommy Chong to cop a plea to keep his family out of jail. I'm sure the US Government spent years and millions of dollars to gather information on mr. Emery and his employees and in coercing the Canadian Government to extradite him for prosecution.

Death Blow To Legalization Movement

Oh, Karen. Have you looked outside lately? Your "death blow" didn't even phase the movement. You were, and still are, a "laughing stock." All you succeeded in doing was waste a lot of taxpayer's dollars.

Malkavian's picture


For all our reason and civilization too many act out their tribal tendencies and often wander into tyrannical territory. People like Tandy can't stand criticism, wants their truths to be absolute and will disregard the moral values of equal treatment for equal people if they feel their beliefs are threatened.

I sure wish there were more scientific morals than, well, that other moral thing ...

Obama the Hypocrite Stoner

Obama admits he smoked lots of weed when he was younger. But now he's sold out to the DEA and thinks legalization for adults is "a bad idea".

Gotta keep the "folks" in the prison-industrial complex alive and well.

Mr. Ditto pisses me off,"Jail the kid with 1 joint, but not ME"

Opiates for fatf***ers like Mr. Ditto get a deal. Most Illegal potheads get screwed either coming, going or both.

We must "rise up & unite" with peaceful protest for the laws we want revised. Particularly Marijuana Prohibition laws that we personally & millions of others are tortured by every day.

Families & many people we know, love & respect have been
destroyed by bad laws for far too many decades. Let's change this by 2010. The decade of change. Or by 2020. Let's not let this go on until 2420. Get it? :)

Those of us who are silent but in agreement with a need for new laws... Don't remain silent until the tragedy of a loved one put into violent prisons make you vocal. It will already have been too late for your friend, child or co-worker.

Peaceful does not mean passive. Peaceful protest can be just. It is also a voice for those who can no longer speak. Your Grandma with glaucoma. Your buddy in jail for the bullshit weed laws. A sibling or a friend trying to make extra money selling weed to adults, selling to usually those we are close to. Loved ones who stay home & smoke. Those of us who are choosing to burn instead of going to a bar, driving to a place only to drink & drive home.

Drug laws made based on fear do not work. Teenagers who commit suicide in prison after being gang raped the first weekend in jail. In jail for only having pot. A non-violent offender put in with hard core criminals. Prohibition of pot is wrong. Being silent is also wrong.

Check out the website or .org. Mothers against mandatory minimums, laws that strip a judge's right to interperate the law in accordance with the age of the offender, and other pertinent facts relative to a nonviolent teenager or any other peaceful potheads. MAMM's true stories will break your heart.

Let's join together & RISE UP! Pass new laws based on scientific studies & facts that do explain true information. Laws more in accordance with our recent past & our present majority of the American public. I bet we all have friends who smoke pot more often than they get hammered on liquor or other "Hard Drugs". That list would include alcohol, tobacco, opiates & prescription or artificial chemical concoctions like meth & crack.

Let's keep our natural resources of leisure activities NATURAL, not so many cigarettes. But that's
my opinion... let's be real here. It's also the opinion of many of our peers, instructors, scientists, doctors, parents.....

Be honest. Be vocal. Be peaceful. Protest is the purest form of democracy. Let us all practice democracy. Most of us are appalled that our current drug laws can & do put our youth, friends & even ourselves in danger of prosecution.

Laws that denies what OUR lives could stand for.
Laws that go AGAINST WHAT WE KNOW to be reality.
Laws that destroy and try to stop us from practicing what OUR real tenets & lifestyle choices are... to be free to do what we want.

I, we & millions of other nonviolent pot smokers are sick to death of being scared to buy a nick' dime, dub, or quad from our friends, neighbors or moms of our kids own best friends.

I want us to be free to be you & me.

Rise up & imagine peace, imagine freedom, imagine truth
Imagine fair & just laws. Visualize what we CAN change.
Then make it real.
J.Lennon would be so proud of us if we could just get organized & do this. For ourselves. For our kids & grandkids & the future in general. Let's get the peaceful people out of prison.

I'm embarrassed my generation (60's,70's) let this get so out of hand. I promised my kids we can do this for them. Anyone else ready? I'm sick of bitching. Let's do this. Not to be a thug or gang member or drug dealer. We just like nature, we like sharing a special bud, a batch of brownies, some mushrooms.

Do we wait for all the "old guard" to pass away? Let ours, the New Guard, become the voice of this and future generations. I do not want to die without knowing I did EVERYTHING I could to protect my family.

The old guard are those who grew up in much older generations than ours. Being raised in a different time with the morals of their predecessors and so it went. Old time morality often lent itself to a passive acceptance of unjust & unrealistic mores.

We, the generations of the 60s, the 70', 80's, & on into our families & generations to come, let them look back on us & say "Thank God they were so democratic & progressive or hundreds of thousands of us would be put into the "prisons of violent, murdering criminals, child molestors and the like.
How wrong that we already allow our loved ones & like persons of our ilk, our youth, our old, our sick, our enterprenours, our neighborhood friends who barter and split ounces to bring down our cost, must hide in fear of being incarcerated for something so innocent & personal a decision
as smoking or growing cannibis sativa.

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