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Dear friend and reformer,

In our current TRUTH 08 Campaign, we have featured the important and unique new book Dying to Get High: Marijuana as Medicine, by sociologists Wendy Chapkis and Richard Webb. More than 1,300 people have read our review of the book by Drug Chronicle editor Phil Smith -- check it out here!

Please donate to the TRUTH 08 Campaign to support's work providing this and other critical writing reaching hundreds of thousands of people every month. Donate $36 or more and you can receive a complimentary copy of Dying to Get High as our thanks.


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Donate $60 or more, and we'll send you both Dying to Get High AND the new TRUTH 08 Campaign padded notepad folder with clasp. Or just select the notepad folder as your gift selection with a donation of $36 or over. (Use our regular donation page to browse the many other books and gift items that we continue to make available.)

Following are a few things that Chronicle editor Phil Smith had to say about the book Dying to Get High: Marijuana as Medicine, in his recent widely-read review:

In "Dying to Get High," sociologists Wendy Chapkis and Richard Webb... trace the use of marijuana as medicine in the US... its removal from the pharmacopeia in 1941... the continuing blockage of research into its medical benefits by ideologically-driven federal authorities.

Chapkis and Webb deliver a resounding, well-reasoned indictment of the political and (pseudo) scientific opposition to medical marijuana.

"Dying to Get High" is also an in-depth portrait of one of the country's most well-known medical marijuana collectives... describing in loving detail the inner workings... of a group with charismatic leadership... more than 200 seriously ill patients, and the specter of the DEA always looming.

Your help is needed right now to capitalize on the tremendous progress we've already made getting the TRUTH out: the past 12 months nearly 150,000 people per month visited Several months the number of visitors topped 180,000 and the trend is continuing upward.

I am very excited about the new momentum we're generating together, and I'd like to thank you very much for your interest in changing this country's drug policies and for giving your support to the TRUTH 08 CAMPAIGN. Your contribution has never been more important.

David Borden
Executive Director, (DRCNet)
News & Activism Promoting Sensible Reform

P.S. It's time to stop the senseless tragedy of the drug war and to bring an end to the countless injustices occurring every day. Your donation to the TRUTH 08 CAMPAIGN today will help spread the word to more people than ever and build the momentum we need for change. Thank you!

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Prescribed Patient Jailed for a GARDEN????

I recently completed 9 months in New Jerseys Camden County Jail. I am a certified Perma cultureist, Knowing all things environmental and how to heal our eco system.. IT to desires the Marijuana, it's isn't Just people... As a Female with a Strickly Female health issue, I am appauled that America's government Dis allows Me the BEST and ONLY treatment for my "adenomyosis"..Overlooked by the Courts were, My Medical prescription, My co-op Membership, My Hemp Bank Membership to the First Hemp Bank of Oakland California who have a FEDERAL tax Id. This is a FREE country? This is a place of EQUALITY? Never mind the industry we are being prevented while our economy bottoms out.. IT's well neigh past time we overrule the Lawyers Judges, & Government who's only lookout is $$ to be made via a very corrupt system.. I am a female Veteran of our United States Navy as well, for whom, my UNDIAGNOSED, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the Medically prescribed Marijuana treated.. But, while I hear in the news media, we Care about our veterans, we push Seroquil? shuffle drool CRAP while withholding and outlawiing what is the BEST treatment???? I want to help Win this STUPID War on "Drugs" If it costs me the rest of my life.. I am had it with the ignorance, arrogance and shear stupidity and oppression...(I didn't even touch on the RELIGIOUS right), I recently cut and High lit George W. Bush's quote to the Deli Lamba as he presented him the Congressional medal of honor.. that "we cannot turn away from Religious oppression" where ever in the world it appears, while New Jersey's "WeedMan" served 2 years for smoking Marijuana as part of a religious right????!!!!! WTF WTF.. Help me here. I am housed with Friends for the Moment with NO funds at all but am willing to do whatever it takes to WIN This STUPID war against, basically, OURSELVES.... Please, email me, or call, Evelyn 856 742 1404 p.s. Not one public defender, parole officer to date or even my arresting officer would tell me I was Wrong.. May 2008, our "legislators" met in Trenton to "debate" Medical Marijuana??? Debate while People SUFFER needlessly? Where am I??? This cannot be the Country I was raised to believe was "Best", Had Freedom, etc etc, enough so to have served to protect it, and then be denied any compensation for damages aquired while on there watch? They'll hand out the Seroquil, but, NO housing, NO anything for injured/or PTSD..easier to deny me. make a homeless veteran chase down paperwork make meetings that amount to not a thing, jump hoops and still, recieve a denial, (my 2nd while IN jail, with 60 days to appeal with 120 plus to serve? I've asked for a hearing but to date have heard NOTHING from the Veteran bureau, I'm feeling staunchly IGNORED.....Unbelievable what I have experienced and been made to endure...SHAME.. on the entire mess, I am
sorry I lived long enough for my illusioin of this "Great Nation" to have been dosed reality, a harsh ugly unessessary reality.. we Need Bush Impeached and a revolution soon... Changing Presidents is NOT enough..

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