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The Week Online with DRCNet
(renamed "Drug War Chronicle" effective issue #300, August 2003)

Issue #43, 5/22/98

"Raising Awareness of the Consequences of Drug Prohibition"

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HELP BUILD THE MOVEMENT: If you are interested in accelerating the growth of the reform movement, and if you like to talk to people, DRCNet needs your help. Are there events coming up in your area this summer? Can you get a table at this event, or would you be willing to spend a couple of hours carrying a clip-board? If so, please let us know and we will send you some email sign-up sheets and brochures. Just tell people about our free e-zine and legislative alerts, and urge them to become part of the solution. It's a great way to get out and talk to people about the issue. You'll be surprised at how many of them already agree with us, but just didn't know how to make their voices heard.

Send requests for sign-up sheets to [email protected] and indicate how many you'd like (there are 20 spaces on each sheet), or we can send just one for you to copy to your heart's content. Thanks.

SPECIAL OFFERS FOR NEW YORK AND TEXAS SUBSCRIBERS: In partnership with our allies, the ReconsiDer Forum on Drug Policy in New York state and the Drug Policy Forum of Texas, we are offering special discounted memberships for those wishing to join multiple groups. Along with canvassing for e-mail addresses for DRCNet, working with one of these quality state groups is a great way to get involved in local activism. If you live in one of these states but didn't receive the appropriate bulletin last Wednesday, please let us know, so we can put you on the right state distribution sublist. In the meantime, the offers are posted at (New York) and (Texas).

Drug Crazy: How We Got Into This Mess & How We Can Get OutCOUNTDOWN TO DRUG CRAZINESS: Mike Gray's new book from Random House, Drug Crazy, continues to get rave reviews from everyone we talk to who has seen it. You can help Drug Crazy go big by simply visiting or calling bookstores in your area and asking them if they have it. You don't even need to place an order or leave your name (though doing so is even better, and you may as well, because the book is fantastic). Your calls will make the stores look twice at Drug Crazy and get the book displayed more prominently in more places. DRCNet is lauded and featured in the intro to the book's appendix, so supporting Drug Crazy will build the movement as well as educate the public. Some book chains that may be in your area: Crown, Barnes & Noble, B. Dalton, Border's, Doubleday, Brentano's, Scribner's, Waldenbooks, Pyramid -- let us know if we've missed any, so we can add them to the next alert. Call, call, call!

(Though we urge our readers to call stores and/or buy the book in person, if you're just not going to do that, you can order the book through -- DRCNet will earn a 15% commission if you order the book by following this link. The book will be shipped out to you by amazon as soon as it becomes available.)

LAST CHANCE FOR FREE COPIES OF MARIJUANA MYTHS, MARIJUANA FACTS: After nearly half a year, we are getting ready to wind up our MMMF membership premium offer and move on. To get your free copy, and a one-year DRCNet membership send $30 or more, and make sure it gets postmarked or submitted online by May 31. Please use our online registration form at, or just send your check or money order to: DRCNet, 2000 P St., NW, Suite 615, Washington, DC 20036. Please note that donations or membership dues paid to DRCNet are not tax-deductible.


  1. "Operation Casablanca:" Feds' Big Money Laundering Bust Amounts to Chump Change
  2. 40 Events Scheduled for Global Days against the Drug War
  3. Another Bad Raid, Another Lawsuit for the City of New York
  4. Reverend Calvin Butts Calls Rudolph Giuliani Racist
  5. Medical Marijuana Summit Scheduled in California
  6. House Amendment to Higher Education Bill Bars Marijuana Smokers from Receiving Student Aid
  7. Bolivian Anti-Drug Squadron Eats Disabled Peasant's Fruit Crop, Leaving Her without Income
  8. Quote of the Week: Milton Friedman on Colombia
  9. Media Alert: Brandweek Takes on the Partnership
  10. Link of the Week: Oregonians for Medical Rights
  11. New Book: Dark Alliance by Gary Webb tells the whole CIA-Crack Story
  12. Job Announcement: DPF Hiring an Assistant Communications Director
  13. Editorial: Bad raids

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