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Reaching Opinion Leaders

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With nearly two million annual visitors to our web site, is the #1 source for news, information and activism promoting sensible drug reform and an end to prohibition worldwide.

The more we do at, the faster the reform movement will grow and the sooner minds, laws and lives will change.

Along with reaching millions of people each year through our web site,'s strategy is also to reach people who reach many more. Scott Morgan, associate editor who heads up our Speakeasy blog, has achieved the recognition of top bloggers like Andrew Sullivan, who quotes Scott regularly on his widely-read Daily Dish.

Along with explaining the horrible consequences of drug prohibition, and along with chronicling drug war outrages, Scott has led the way in pointing out how drug war politics has changed -- opposing the drug war or championing sensible drug policy reform is no longer the liability it may have once been, and supporting the drug war is less effective and can even be the political liability. Sullivan has picked this up from Scott:

No Comment, the drug czar not saying much about the California marijuana legalization initiative.

But that positive trend hasn't led the administration to alter the drug budget, much this year:

Chart of the Day, Obama proposing the same 2/3 enforcement and interdiction spending.

And in case anyone thought the spending was achieving its desired objectives, it's not:

[Marijuana is] Easier to Get Than Beer.
Giving smart people with audiences the info they need to get the message out about this issue that they care about too is a crucial part of public education, and is playing that role. We believe that time will show our strategy of educating the media, policymakers and opinion leaders through online publishing is working and helping to change minds, laws and lives sooner rather than later.

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