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Marijuana Legalization on the Cusp

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With nearly two million annual visitors to our web site, is the #1 source for news, information and activism promoting sensible drug reform and an end to prohibition worldwide.

The more we do at, the faster the reform movement will grow and the sooner minds, laws and lives will change.

As Phil Smith noted in our end-2009 review of the year's top ten drug policy stories, 2009 saw the first poll results showing majority nationwide support for legalization of marijuana -- Zogby in May and Angus Reid in December. While these results are outliers, the evidence that majority support is just around the corner is indisputable:

Ending drug prohibition as a whole, not just marijuana, is a harder and longer fight, and a more complicated case to make. But the shifting public mood on marijuana is making many things possible. With your support will help to push marijuana legalization over the top, while waking up leaders and the public to the case for ending prohibition outright. We believe that time will show our strategy of building the movement while educating the public is working and helping to change minds, laws and lives sooner rather than later.

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"Prohibition Doesn't Work" is our t-shirt that visually makes the point about the analogy between alcohol prohibition last century and drug prohibition now. The top of the shirt shows a famous alcohol "speakeasy" scene (a well-known Jesuit leader flaunting the prohibition laws), while the bottom depicts a shady drug deal.

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