Marijuana Wins the Culture War

This clip from Family Feud is an instant classic:

Steve Harvey's hyperbole is way over the top, but that's part of what sells it, so I'll give him a pass. Of course, it would have been interesting to see this go down when Drew Carey was still hosting the show.

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Steve Harvey comes off as a

Steve Harvey comes off as a dick IMHO. I think Drew Carey would of been more down with it.

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How dare this game show host

How dare this game show host beat up this man for having an open mind?  This game host guy is most likely a closet hater of all sorts.

The collection plate...

I put the over under at 10 but the placement of the collection plate was more telling than the fact that joint was up there... I don't feel like Steve was playing it up, I feel like he had a brain dump and some director somewhere, with the answers, said to keep going with it... 

Yeah imagine Louie Anderson's

Yeah imagine Louie Anderson's reaction if he still hosted. I could see him saying "That should have been number 1!" Certainly thought Steve Harvey would have been more friendly considering his line of work. And WHAT THE HELL is up with equating marijuana with the devil?!?! I mean if two things ever had less to do with each other.

It's called hyperbole. 

It's called hyperbole. 



Drew Carey

Drew Carey has not been a host of Family Feud... Richard Dawson (1976–1985, 1994–1995) Ray Combs (1988–1994) Louie Anderson (1999–2002) Richard Karn (2002–2006) John O'Hurley (2006–2010) Steve Harvey (2010–present).

Positive video =) Thanks! A

Positive video =) Thanks! A long time so do not laugh =).

It's a Hilarious, truly "Epic (culture war) Win"!

It's a Hilarious, truly "Epic (culture war) Win"!


This game show is so FUNNY!!!

Steve Harvey is a great host because even it is a game show and out of the topic he show concern for the people who are in DRUGS!!!




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