Saskatchewan NDP Backs Legal Marijuana

On Saturday, November 18, the Saskatchewan NDP passed a resolution calling for removal of all criminal penalties for personal cultivation and possession of marijuana, and pledging to work towards implementing those goals provincially. The resolution was passed almost unanimously, with only two or three votes against out of 700 delegates. This is the actual wording of the resolution which passed: "BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Saskatchewan NDP support the federal NDP's call for a non-punitive approach to cannabis law, including elimination of all penalties for personal cultivation and possession by adults, and actively work to institute non-punitive cannabis policies at the provincial level." A similar resolution was passed by the BC NDP in February of this year. By passing this resolution, the Sask NDP are the first elected government in North America with a formal party policy supporting no penalties for personal cultivation and possession of cannabis. The resolution was written and promoted by eNDProhibition, a nationwide group of NDP members working to end Canada's drug war, and find better solutions to the health and social issues around drug use. See
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Saskatchewan Marijuana Referendum

If you live in Saskatchewan, and a marijuana referendum hasn't been called yet, go to and send an e-mail to the justice minister calling for the decriminalization inititative to be put on the ballot. There's a sample letter on the site that you can copy and paste if you can't phrase the same thing differently. At any rate, the sooner this is done the better. The more people who do this, the higher the liklihood of a referendum. NORML Saskatchewan's original plan was to collect 150,000 signatures, a massive, expensive undertaking to begin in spring 2007, when the election is already underway and the question would wait until at least 2008. This way, it can happen in spring 2007, while the issue is hot within the governing party itself. If we're successful, help out in the "vote yes" campaign.
If you live in Saskatchewan, please help make this happen, we know we can win.

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