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Tax and Regulate

Arizona Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Introduced by GOP State Rep John Fillmore

Under a bill introduced by Representative John Fillmore possession of two ounces or less of marijuana -- by anyone -- would become a petty offense and carry a fine of only $100. Fillmore says that marijuana isn't a gateway drug, as critics unscientifically claim, and all the money and time wasted by law enforcement on marijuana prohibition enforcement would be better spent elsewhere.

Massachusetts State Legislator Files Marijuana Legislation

Ellen Story, D-Amherst, responding to the 69 percent of the voters in her district who instructed her to vote "in favor of legislation that would allow the state to regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol" on Nov. 2, 2010, is sponsoring "An Act to Regulate and Tax the Cannabis Industry." Assigned House Docket Number 01091, it will receive a bill number in the near future. If enacted, the state’s current prohibition upon adults having or growing a personal supply will be repealed, analogous to alcohol-control laws for home winemaking.

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne Recommends State Tax on Medical Marijuana

Attorney General Tom Horne announced a plan for Arizona to tax medical marijuana. Horne added that the Department of Revenue informed his office that they plan to take the advice and tax the sales. The taxes could yield revenues for the state in the approximate amount of $40 million per year, according to a report.

Seminar on Medical Marijuana Tax Issues

In an effort to get more owners of medical marijuana businesses to properly remit sales and use taxes, the city of Boulder, Colorado is hosting an informational seminar on marijuana taxes.

The seminar will focus on the city's tax rules as they pertain to medical marijuana businesses, and will include topics such as audits and tax returns.

The event requires reservations. To reserve a spot, call 303-441-4017.

Want to See Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) Ask President Obama a Question? (Action Alert)

Dear Friends,

In an ongoing effort by the White House to engage the public via the internet, President Obama will answer questions from YouTube users in a live-streaming event this Thursday, January 27, two days after his annual State of the Union address.

LEAP speaker MacKenzie Allen, a retired deputy sheriff, wrote in to ask:

 “As a police officer, I saw how waging the war on drugs has cost a trillion dollars and thousands of lives but does nothing to reduce drug use. Should we discuss legalizing marijuana and other drugs, which would eliminate the violent criminal market?”

YouTube has stated that the president will answer the questions that receive the most votes. LEAP’s question is currently among the top-voted entries.  Let’s keep it going!  To vote, please visit and use the search box on the right side to find the question above from LEAP speaker MacKenzie Allen, then cast your vote. The easiest way to find the correct entry is to paste a phrase from the question, like “as a police officer,” into the search box. Here's what you should see:

This is an incredible opportunity for us to get LEAP’s message in front of the nation, and we have until Wednesday at midnight EST to make it happen.  Please click here vote now!

Thank you,

Major Neill Franklin - Retired
Executive Director

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Washington State Bill Proposes to Sell Marijuana Through State Liquor Stores

State Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson, D-Seattle, is again proposing that the state legalize marijuana and regulate it much like alcohol. House Bill 1550, filed today, proposes that marijuana be sold through state liquor stores to adults aged 21 and over, and that the state Liquor Control Board issue licenses to commercial growers. Dickerson sponsored similar legislation in the previous legislative session, but the bill was voted down in the House Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee.

Montana: Republican Senator Introduces Second Major Medical Marijuana Bill

A Helena lawmaker has introduced a bill to license and regulate the growing and selling of medical marijuana in Montana and to impose a 10 percent tax on the growers' sales to pay for the cost of regulation and go for other uses. Senator Dave Lewis, R-Helena, is the sponsor of Senate Bill 154, the second major bill intended to impose some regulations on the industry.