Statement of ICC Prosecutor on Opening Preliminary Investigations in the Philippines and in Venezuela

The ICC is a long and uncertain road.  But this is an important first step for stopping the drug war killings, restoring rule of law, and seeking justice. We commend Ms. Bensouda for her leadership.

More soon, but in the meanwhile, an article in Rappler, and many more. Read about our own work on the Philippines here.

International Criminal Court
The Hague
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Crimes against humanity

Crimes against humanity need to be brought against the DEA. They have used the drug war to subvert a billion dollar industry under the pretext of stoping someone from smoking a joint, knowing that almost everything made out of petroleum can be made out of hemp where all people could prosper, They have destroyed countless lives subverted the true science and medical uses and turned the land of the free into the worlds largest prision empire using lies and propaganda, they have polluted our air and water posion the children to insure that only the 1% and their petrol chemical industries can prosper


Just curious, why aren't you people protesting the baby rapes, murders, robberies, violence, and blood shed that these drug pushers are causing?  I never see you people here when someone in a drug induced frenzy rapes his 5 month old niece, or when drug addicted mothers sell their daughters to fund their habit.  Or how about protested all the social economic damage being caused?   I mean really?  You condemn a leader based on allegations that have not been proven and yet you defend those with blatent evidence against them.  I wish just once you would have the courage to show up and stand for the real victims.  

Trump punk. You're an insult

Trump punk. You're an insult to humanity. Move to the Philippines and worship Duterte. While we have your President arrested and hung for treason.

Less Than Factual Claims

Baby rapes? There is no corroboration for that little goody lifted from the anti-fascist World War II propoganda!

Regarding the murdeers, robberies, etc., legalization will solve that!  It is the prohibition that is the bed rock foundation of, and literally, creates the criminal behavior you mention.  Want to end the drug scourge? A new approach is required, or drugs will continue to proliferate.

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Fact: Trump Administration

Fact: Trump Administration steals babies and children.

That's a fucking fact.

Fuck Trump!


I live in the Philippines and I know exactly what is going on.  "Stop the Drug Wars" and David Borden are doing a great job in AMERICA, but David hasn't got a clue about the reality in the Philippines.  The Philippines is a small country, very over populated with 300,000 square kilometers of land with approx. 120,000,000 people, that is about 400 people per square kilometer.  Compare that to my home state, The Soviet of Washington, in which it is about 2/3rds the size with about 200,000 square kilometers and approx 6,000,000 peeps giving about 30 peeps per square kilometer.

In the town I live in on the Island province of Cebu the town I live in is about the same size physically as Moses Lake where I live in the US.  Moses Lake has about 20,000 peeps but in the Phils, my town has 50,000 peeps.  In Moses Lake, there is less than one murder per year but a whole lot of drug problems, in the Phils where I live there are usually 4-5 murders per year and virtually ALL are drug related (not always, however).  One man that I knew to be a shitbag had raped and murdered a young girl about 10 years ago with two or three cohorts.  He escaped to Bohol, a neighboring island, dealt drugs there for two years then came back, being protected by the local corrupt mayor (virtually all mayors are corrupt here).  He continued to deal drugs from when he came back till he was killed in July of 2016.  The GOOD people here breathed a sigh of relief.  Even his close relatives (mother, father & sibs) were not sad to see him go.

To understand, one must know that in Philippine culture, relatives are the most important structure there is, and it is not like western culture at all.  These people know who are their 8th cousins!  Westerners generally know their first cousins and a few cases their 2nd cousins but that is all.  Family is so important in the Phils that no matter what, your own family can do no wrong!  These people steal from each other with impunity and often with just a shrug from the victim.  Since a "small" community like where I live, most people are related, that is, family, and so are to be protected--no matter WHAT!  Outsiders are only victims to be plundered.  

Having said that, the amount of theft and violence is only committed by about 5% (which is a very large percentage if you thimk about it--1 in 20?!).  Most people are somewhat honest by western standards however, the more "citified" a person is, the more likely to be dishonest.  

The Philippines is a strange combination of modern technology with a mentality of the old west, and great ignorance about anything else.  It's like having 60% of the population being ignorant (some being proud of this fact), 10% being educated and fairly affluent, and the rest struggling to make a decent life.  City folk will have a motorcycle and probably a refrigerator and a TV and maybe a laptop if they are students.  In the province, lucky people will have a light bulb and running water.  Many work but many also drink up their salaries instead of buyin g a refrigerator or a motorcycle.  Basically, all the laws in America will be similar laws in the Philippines, BUT!, in America if a cop gets behind your car, you start shaking--in the phils, you FEEL safer because a cop is bihind you!  Isn't THAT strange?  The problem here is that the laws are not enforced, that is, until someone gets hurt.  

So you see, Dave, the PEOPLE of the Philippines were apprized by Duterte of his intentions BEFORE the election--not like OUR politicians who lie with every heartbeat--and being sick and tired of the violence, drug problems, thievery, burglary and threat of violence, the people of the Philippines voted in the MAN who clean up the problem that was impossible to do.  Look to our America--that great city that cannot clean up the sewers of crime because of pseudo-liberal values!  I'm with you Dave, in your charge against the corrupt and the evils of ILLEGAL drugs--that is, that the pseudo-liberal (and conservative) congresses will not address thus perpetuating the drug problem.  I'm  with you in believeing that drugs should be legalized, taxed and looked upon as the disease that it is with addicts.  I see no wrong with people seeking pleasure just for the pleasure of it.  

You just must understand that the Philippines has not got the system of the west, altho' they want to be like us and particularly want what we have.  There is lots more to be said about Philippine culture, but Dave, if you don't know what boiling oil is, don't stick your ass (or your hand) in it.


While I understand the poverty and the overpopulation.This is more of a n explanation of why so many use drugs.When you live under such conditions,it must seem an easy choice to take yourself out of it any way you can.Killing people,even though there are certainly some really bad people,isn't a sane option.I know life may be cheap and an addict can overturn a family.Killing without trial isn't ever an option.Duterte is and has always murdererd his opponents.You must know this.Killing without legal process is a non starter.The death penalty is a non starter for me.But I don't judge others when I'm not in their situation.Duterte.He's a murderer and a criminal,gangster.Just because he's popular amongst some people will never make what he does anything but criminal.

Why Venezuella

I can well understand why the ICC is going after duterte and why it's showing up in STDW.Duterte is an admitted murderer who offers bounty money for drug users bodies.His policy is an abomination and such savagery may deter drug use while Duterte slaughters people.It won't last.Venezuella is a country that has been under intense CIA pressure for decades.It certainly has problems.I simply do not agree that the ICC should be acting as a heavy for the CIA.Both of these nations have severe problems with poverty.Like all countries that the ICC goes after while the true war criminals like every US president since Eisenhauer.All of Bush's cabinet.The Chicago neocons.Go after those who murder in the hundreds of thousands.Those who brag about their savagery.


This world globalist body only goes after third world dictators.They have never gone after any of the real power behind the worldwide drug trade.They attack people with no real power.People who,like Duterte,were elected by a majority of their voters even though their murderous intentions were well known.I hate any prohibition and am especially disgusted by homicidal maniacs like Duterte.What I find much worse is a global elite that only attacks the weak.This is western power attacking the source of a threat to their domination of the global drug trade.They use front groups like the IMF,World Bank and the ICC to assert their power from the shadows.While the people who created the opioid crisis sit serenly at their leisure.Knowing they are protected by organisations like the ICC.

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Can't trust a Fucking Republican with Marijuana Legalization!

You just can't trust a Trump-loving, goddamn Republican with marijuana legalization.


We must not let Republicans represent our cause, because the very first thing they will do is what they always do, and that is: extortion.  They are already doing it, right fucking now!


They intend to take our movement hostage, and demand a ransom for their cause: Alt-Right power (that means "white supremacist" power), and Putin-enabled Fascism.  It is standard operating procedure for Republicans.  Ass-wipes like Rand Paul talk pretty, but always vote with the Fascists.  The so-called "Libertarians" who listen to his bullshit are delusional.  (Sorry but it's true. Same goes for the Green Party.  Retain your green values; but work for progressives in Democratic primaries.  Third parties are Trump enablers, so long as he is around.)


 Republicans are NOT "hemp-friendly."  Please.  Don't be a sucker.


The Republicans are traitors and propagandists. 


Why the fuck would ANYONE trust a goddamn Republican to debunk the pseudo-science of Reefer Madness?  These motherfuckers won't even admit Trump colluded with Russian WHEN HE DID IT ON LIVE GODDAMN TELEVISION!!  I saw it myself.  Didn't you?  


Who gives a flying fuck what Trump and his supporters say about the science of cannabinoids.  They reject Science itself!  Seriously.  The whole idea is ludicrous.   You would get a more reliable response from a deck of tarot cards and a bowl of pig entrails.  (And it would be less disgusting, too!) 


Bottom line is, Republicans are  lying, corrupt, Fascist Authoritarians who are, at present time, openly blowing Putin in public.  The marijuana legalization community needs to understand that its future does not lie with Fascist Authoritarianism, or with Traitor Trump in any way, shape or form.  Trump is a plague.  (Actually this is fairly obvious.  Those who deny it likely have a hidden agenda.)


 Like advertisers making a soft drink commercial showing healthy people drinking an unhealthy substance,  Republicans wish to use the popularity of marijuana legalization as a marketing tool for something exactly the opposite: Authoritarianism.  


Send them all to the unemployment line.  Vote Democratic!

true Green voting

"Retain your green values, but work for progressives in Democratic primaries.  Third parties are Trump enablers."

The worst mistake of past decades was when the Democrats accepted the "Blue" color label-- to duopolize with Redcoat Replublicans.  Democrats should change to GREEN and act accordingly!  Likely the Green Party will then wisely merge into the Democratic Party and  help fight treekilling Fascist Redcoat Authoritarianism.

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Trump's Fake Presidency

Trump is a criminal.

Trump is a fake President.

Traitor Trump, now formally an unindicted, criminal co-conspirator with his lawyer Cohen, will be perfectly willing to nuke the entire planet, rather than let Mueller put him in cuffs.  He doesn't give a damn about America, he never did.  His fake Presidency was always a scam. 

You know I'm right.  He must be stopped!

(Remarkable -- now the goddamn Republicans are saying that Trump is ONLY a MINOR CRIMINAL... something similar to a "jaywalker!"  Har De Har Har!  It's the treason, Stupid!)

If Trump is not stopped, we will ALL be living in Putin's banana republic.  That's the fake USA! Don't expect marijuana to remain legal for long, if that happens! Join The Resistance! Vote Democratic!

ICC on Duterte

Hmmm am intrigued reading  this thread. FYI the case lodged against Duterte was about his DDS against Davao City's alledged criminals involving 1,424 casualties many of them were children. I have the numbers. EJKs figures could be another data. I believe that this homicidal maniac and Psycho should be put behind bars on this charges before it's not too late. There are conflicting figures on EJKs - 5Kplus casualties on legitimate police operations over roughly 25K casualties sacrificed in the name of Drug War .... Better for ICC to start doing the investigations now before it's too late. I don't understand why they are  deferring this move for long . . .

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