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Trump and Duterte -- Allies in Violence (video)

Our new video on Duterte's drug war violence and Trump's support for it launches the "Stand with Human Rights and Democracy" campaign. Please visit DemocracyStand.Global, sign up for the email list, and like the campaign's Facebook and Twitter pages.

Video: Bad Drug Raid Traumatizes Family and Claims Life of Beloved Pet

(visit: Videomaker (and DRCNet member) William Aiken conducted the following interviews with Anita Woodyear and her son. Woodyear's home was invaded by a Schenectady, New York, SWAT team in September 2006. Their dog was shot dead during the raid, and Woodyear has a lawsuit pending against the Schenectady police department, in which she is being assisted by the NAACP. Click on either of the video screens to see more of Aiken's work, excerpted from "The Drug War: Mission Impossible," a DVD exploring some of the unintended consequences created by our drug policy as well as perspectives from law enforcement and activists in the field. Copies can be purchased for $25.00 paid by check or money order to: W. Aiken, P.O. Box 520, Schenectady, NY, 12301. Click here to access our "SWAT/Paramilitarization" online archive.