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One of the Worst Ideas to Come Out of the War on Drugs: Sentencing Enhancement Zones

Video from the Prison Policy Initiative on what is indeed one of the worst ideas to come out of the war on drugs:
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That was the first year I was arrested and told that this (additional time)was going to be added to my sentence.I was waiting for my wife to return with some heroin and was sitting in my car that was beside a church.When the police tossed a 10 pound boulder through the windshield right at my face.....,nothing.As I was kicked under my car I heard the priest ask what they were doing."Police!"they said" ."OK" he answered back."Do you need a witness?"To the police,not to me.I never forgot that.Nor did I forget the following interrogation where I was informed the rules about trafficking in the vicinity of a church,school or playground.In 1969,it was extremely hard to find any location that didn't fall within the rather generous boundaries.I think that was kind of the point.I had heard they were discussing it but had no idea it had been made law.It used to be the only thing they could ever agree on so totally that implementation was almost instantaneous.In 1969 the politicians almost all agreed on prohibition.The more draconian,the better.

They smashed your windshield

They smashed your windshield with a damn cinder block to gain access to your vehicle? Holy shit, that's some jackboot b.s. right there. Using violence to make an arrest for a non-violent crime, whodathunk?

Gangs in Black and Blue

It should never surprise a person exposed to state-sanctioned violence that it's allowed to exist, when the country you're living in is as corrupt and violent as its police force.  USA, Inc is in a police-state condition and the troops are armed and angry.  They won't put up with even the most harmless of resistance.  When times are ugly and corrupt, violent and criminal, the only real protest is the beauty of truth - to speak it, expose it, teach it and live it.  Thanks.

This is just part of the new jim crow

You said, "The law essentially says that if you're black, if you're brown, or if you're urban, you're gonna get a longer sentence than anyone else. That's surely not what the legislature intended."

Of course that's what the legislature intended! That's the main point of the drug laws, as documented by Michelle Alexander in The New Jim Crow.

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