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10 Years to Life for Medical Marijuana


ReasonTV released this video a few weeks ago about the federal medical marijuana crackdown and the case of Aaron Sandusky, who is facing federal charges for operating a dispensary:
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First off: Logic dictates

First off: Logic dictates that legal medical marijuana decreased the sail of illegal marijuana by x%, thus robbing drug dealers of sales and money . . . logic dictates medical marijuana sold before and after 9/11 reduced the efforts of the terrorists by x%, thus saving lives on the battle fields of Iraq and Afghanistan.  Anyone who is against legal drugs is a Muslim terrorist since they protect their finances with laws.  I went to Iraq so this man can go to jail for obeying the law -this doesn't make sense?

First off: War Vet is right!

Prohib "laws" protect the cartels' and bootleggers/lickers' finances-- it's DRUG Enforcement masquerading as LAW (Allah) enforcement.  (Right up to a stone tablet over Supreme Court door: Equal Justice Under Allah.)  The Rule of Rules masquerading as the Rule of Law-- bureaucratic jailors, lawyers, judges making money off hostage-holding.

Meanwhile the granddaddy of al-lol this corruption was and is the nicotine slave owners (remind you of 1850?  Today this means shareholders, officers, employees, distributors etc. of and for Philip Morris, Reynolds, Lorillard et all) who regard as THEIR PROPERTY all existing automatonized daily $igarette-PACk-buyers (i.e.their money) plus all POTENTIAL nicotine addicts including under-18's who can be steered toward $igarettes by the PRICE DIFFERENTIAL (cannabis $200/oz, two PACks of $igs under $20) maintained by the Drug Enforcement crackdowns on cannabis growing and distribution.

Supporrt Lesser Evil Barry candidacy; subsequently urge appointment of Super Nonsmoker Romney as Czar to simultaneously carry out Mormon Church policy and US economic self-interest by crafting a worldwide Jihadcrusade to EXTERMINATE the hot burning overdose $igarette "smoking" habit worldwide and convert 1.2-Bil. present addicts to Vaporizer, E-cigarette and/or Rasta-Choomette long-stemmed one-hitter (see

Finally maybe on Nixon's Birthday January 9, 2013, former "smokers" John Boehner and Barack Obama share a Chumdwbble double toke and a PROCLAMATION coupling cannabis legalization with a BAIL-OUT for Philip Morris, R. J. Reynolds and Lorillard corporations is signed, providing for retraining officers and employees to work in something pro-reforestation for a change, protecting trees instead of killing them (see worldwide statistics on logging for purposes of using firewood to "cure" tobaccos for inhalant ($igarette) use).


If he is imprisoned for 20 years at approximately $50,000 a year to keep him it'll cost the taxpayers at or over $1,000,000 to impose his full sentence and I think if the taxpayers are fool enough to lock him up for such a ridiculous infraction they deserve to pay through the nose.  This flies in the face of every principle our nation was founded on and we don't deserve a free society as long as men like this are being punished simply for the sake of prejudice and profit.  I applaud him for standing his ground, not many folks have the stones to stand on conviction.  I hope things work out for him. 

This is not a war-how?

So much for all those politicians who say there is no war on drugs and people that obey the law have nothing to fear.I've been to prison and believe me,these cannabis people do not belong there.They're like fish out of water.Lost.My crimes were drug related as well but not cannabis related.Some drugs are recreational and some are a lifestyle.When I went to prison for the first time I was just a pot smoking hippie.By the time i was finally sentenced I was a hard core heroin addict.A lot of people start using in prison.It's another one of those unintended consequences.I agree with WFBuckley who said that people do drugs to socialize.To have a group to converse with.That's not the exact quote but it puts the idea out there.This guy was doing everything right.He put his faith in his country and it's legal system and he is paying for it.In most of today's prison's to survive you end up in one gang or another.Is this really a good place to send a man who was trying to run a legal business and believed what his President had told him?He will be just another statistic in a long war on people that is using gray areas in the law to seize a lot of property,cash and drugs.Not to mention all the extra dollars that come to law enforcement through said seizures and federal bonuses for heads on a stick.Prison changes people.Not for the better either.You see and cope with a lot of violence and depression and every second word is preceded with the term:"fucken".It takes a while just to learn to speak without swearing.Plus you now have a criminal record so forget about opening a business.It's difficult to find work.This,after obeying what you thought was the law?

Sandusky is one brave guy for

Sandusky is one brave guy for not taking the relatively easy way out and just pleaing. If he wins this case it could start a big precident. Anyone in california who wants raids to stop would be advised to help this guy get a really really good Lawyer.

A most dark day for the cause

Aaron Sandusky was convicted of three of his counts.. the jury has failed to deliver true justice.  This man will now possibly go to jail for 10 years or more, even though he was complying with state laws.. this is a real shame.  This... removes hope of any possibility of change or reform, even if legalization measures happen to pass in a state or three, what hope is there?  This man is going to go to jail for no good reason.  What hope is there for any of us?

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