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HuffPost Live on Mexican Drug War and Security, 11:30am EST TODAY

I am participating on a HuffPost Live panel starting at 11:30am EST this morning: Is Mexico's Security Policy Failing?

Update: The archive is already online, embedded below. The link from the live broadcast is also the permalink.

The panel was hosted by commentator Alicia Menendez, and I shared the panel with Alejandro Hope of the Instituto Mexicano para la CompetividadProf. John Ackerman of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, and former ONDCP official Paul Chabot.

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Please forgive ignorant

Please forgive ignorant Canuck, can't seem to find link of any kind.  Help Please?

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When Chabot spoke of the

When Chabot spoke of the progress made during the 1920-1930's you did not point out that it was through relegalization of the drug alcohol that the progress came about.  Absent relegalization of the other drugs on the naughty list, progress won't be made in Mexico or any country.  Why did you not strike when given the opportunity?

The Great Mexican Decrim Hoax

Is anyone ever going to speak out about the Mexican decrim hoax of small quantities of drugs? I've yet to meet even one Mexican on either side of the boarder who can confirm this or believes it. Nothing has changed as far as I can make out.

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not the kind of decrim it was made out to be, at least

Doug, the Mexican guest on the panel, Alejandro Hope, may have been alluding to this law when he said that the drug war has become localized. One of the effects of the so-called decrim law was to bring local police forces into the drug fight who had not been so involved in it before, a widening of the net. Mexico has had low-level offenders going into treatment centers in lieu of jail time, people for whom treatment doesn't necessarily make sense. A result of that has been attacks on treatment centers, as some of the people sent to them were involved in drug gangs that have rival drug gangs. At least this is what I have heard people talk about at forums. So, not the kind of decrim it was made out to be, at least, and arguably a part of the disaster.

Mexican Coruption

Any one who is familiar with Mexico should know it is very corrupt at local levels. Money talks always with the police. Untill Mexico gets it together they will remain under the thumb of the drug cartels.

America Legalizes marijuana, is not what the drug cartels want to hear. 

When was this made law?

I remember it(legalization of small amounts)being introduced and then defeated due to US objections.Then it was reintroduced.Did it pass and become law?If so,when?It should be made law internationally.It's a great idea.

Why Chabot?

The news networks need to stop looking for former drug czars, or assistants, or former ONDCP pundits to interview concerning drug policy. I do not even care that they have moved toward the center in support of legalization. My point is simple, I do not regard the opinions of people that have supported and facilitated a failed policy with any merit; why would I?

There is plenty of evidence available that supports condemnation of the failed policy we don't need to hear them attempt to spin it in order further a parallel agenda. We would not interview a business manager from a failed business to help us understand the mechanics of successful business practices. Why would we want to listen to what Chabot has to say, he's the face of a failed policy that has harmed hundreds of thousands of people. 

Mr. Chabot criminals do whatever they need to do to survive, some are lucrative others are not. Making $40K on gun trafficking does not compare to millions of dollars made from illegal drugs. Please stop using that poorly scripted rational allocated by your base. Legalization of all drugs is the only means to take the profit from criminals, that profit is now in the billions of dollars.

Mr. Chabot, I cannot wait for the day when people like you are ostracized by the general public. Your time of autocratic approaches to public policy is coming to an end. Sadly you do not see it coming...

Is that a Christmas tree behind you? Dude, it's February???

Sorry my bad...

I just saw the date of the post. : 0

Sorry Mr. Chabot I was mistaken on my last statement.... 

Chabot for Safe Use Utensil Industry (SUUI) Development Czar

Can I invite you, Anonymouse, to defocus your intense concentration on the guilty individual and join in figuring out a way to get his abilities working in a positive direction (which he is willing to do but maybe we must help him clear away some cobwebs)-- same goes for many including former Presidents and Czars.

Forgive >>>>> Convert >>>>> Redeploy!

You will have noticed that little attention is given to the role of "smoking"-related heat shock, carbon monoxide and other toxic factors in producing "dopy" behavioral and health harms that have been widely attributed to cannabis, supporting the prohibition agenda, or to vaporization which can already now eliminate enough pathology to take the air out of cannabis prohibition--- including not only $600 Volcano and $200 Vaporizers and light-it-yourself "portable Vaporizers" from $24.95 but YOU CAN VAPORIZE WITH A LONG-STEMMED ONE-HITTER you made yourself from parts costing under a dollar.  (See Keyboard Kartoon in "How to Make Sm--- Pipes from Everyday Objects".) 

This means the truly dangerous hot-burning-overdose monoxide joint and its cousin the commercial $igarette, which can reach 700C/1292F on one fast-burning drag, are <strong>obsolete</strong> as soon as the world makes the next 8 billion one-hitters or so (start the industry in Seattle, Denver etc. and spread it from there).

Assuming Mr. Chabot is truly penitent about the harm done by demonization and prohibition policies, perhaps he would be willing to serve as Czar over a Government program to promote conversion of all $igarette and joint smokers from combustion to vaporization by SUBSIDIZING the development of a domestic industry handmaking the one-hitters, (fluid cartridge) e-cigarettes, etc. and providing clinics or coffeshops where everyone can try out the new tech and make a decision which brand to buy.

$igarette addiction now costs the US $193-bil. a year in health and deproductivity costs, wouldn't it be a great thing if Mr. Chabot or some other former drug warrior can help eliminate these costs (widely blamed on "tobacco" instead of on the faulty serving device) along with whatever costs have been blamed on cannabis?.

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