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The Right to Survive Overdoses

Our friends at the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, in honor of Overdose Awareness Day (August 31), have produced a new video, "Take Home Naloxone -- The Right to Survive Overdoses." There are many legal, political and attitudinal barriers that currently stand in the way of getting this life-saving medication to the people who need it, when they need it, and numerous lives have been needlessly lost as a result. You can help overcome those barriers by distributing this video and helping to eliminate the prejudices and inertia that currently stand in the way of Naloxone distribution.

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Only problem is, the powers that be, in our country, don't really care if they live or die!  Just keep building more private prisons for those that survive!

The Right to Survive Anything

Naloxone kits for addicts are simply a variation on the theme of snake bite kits for hikers, or the allergy injection kits some people carry everywhere in case they accidentally ingest peanuts or peanut products in their food.

The variation in this case is that the people needing protection are opiate addicts.  It’s clear from all the government foot dragging that addicts represent a distinct case, that among the more uncivilized governments of the world such addicts are to be summarily condemned to death should they screw up while using opiates.

Not the Constitution, not the Bill of Rights, not anything in U.S. common law gives the whack-jobs in government the authority to summarily execute people without engaging in some type of judicial due process, and there is none in this case. 

Under present circumstances there is little difference in results between the current Naloxone restrictions and the situation occurring during alcohol prohibition when the government ordered the poisoning of industrial ethanol to stop consumption.  By doing so, prohibitionists managed to kill an estimated 10,000 Americans who somehow acquired and then consumed the bad hooch.

The motivations for the government persecution or even execution of people for opiate addiction is most likely based on race, religious ideology, and even politics.  It obviously has nothing to do with protecting public health.  Under Article 6(c) of the 1945 Nuremberg Charter, any government that persecutes people for their race, religion, or politics is by definition committing crimes against humanity. 

Prohibition will end.  When it happens, one appropriate response, one consistent within international law and international communities, will be to conduct war crimes investigations that hold guilty parties accountable for the inhumanity they’ve inflicted on society in the name of the drug war.


Were going to have to

  Forgive them and let them walk or we will never get the laws changed. The people we would have to blame would

number into the thousands . Lets get the nonviolent prisoners out of prison, and worry about getting the Drug War ended.

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