Nation's First Medical Marijuana TV Commercial

While some California TV stations are censoring pro-legalization-of-marijuana ads, at least one Sacramento station has aired what is claimed to be the nation's first TV ad for marijuana itself:

CNN also covered the story.

Give up, prohibitionists. This one is so over.

Sacramento, CA
United States
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Political censorship is unacceptable

This issue of censorship of political views is a huge one. Our collective thinking about marijuana (and drugs in general) is so schizophrenic that we have an extremely difficult time even talking about it, but the refusal of broadcast outlets to run both positions on this subject in an election year where controlling an regulating cannabis is on the ballot, is tantamont to first amendment infringement.

Are anti-prop 19 ads being allowed? (Quite frankly, I personally don't watch TV, so I really don't know).

The dispensary that made this

The dispensary that made this commercial is AGAINST prop 19 in Cal. Dont support these people they still support prohibition to help line their own pockets!

canna care

I agree. these people are funding the no on prop 19 people. They even tried to get other dispensaries in their area closed so they could raise prices and corner the market. These people are evil.

Mainstream Pharma Anyone?

Does anyone ever stop to think about mainstream pharma companies? How their (logically and definitively "Propaganda") TV ads spend about 15-20 seconds advertising "HAY! INSULIN IN A BOTTLE! FOR YOU!" then spend the next 2 1/2 minutes going over the side effects and "if you start having thoughts of killing yourself or harming others, see YOUR DOCTOR immediately". Seriously? How can anyone just overlook this? For starters, you should NOT take SYNTHETIC chemical extractives of certain compounds that mainstream for-profit pharma companies who pay their way through the FDA's already biased testing standards (for the pharmaceutical companies of course) mass produce. Compare the long drawn-out list of side effects for popular synthetic chemicals touted as "medicine" to the very (lol) short list of side effects of Cannabis.


A cure for cancer in various/all forms has been around since the 1930's, by Dr. Max Gerson. He brought his findings before a "legislative panel" sometime in the 40's (if i remember correctly) over 3 days. No one knows about this cure because of money, the big pharma companies who've been "soooo close to a cure" for 40 years now, would loose BILLIONS if people knew they could cure cancer on their own. No one also believes a nutritional program can cure cancer because of the propaganda against eating properly and real food. Example: does anyone actually know what a "proper diet" entails? No, because we're taught "go buy this [Mystery Magic Pill] and [Magic Powder Formula] if u feel bad, then get on with your life", this rationale only fuels apathy and ignorance (as you never learn what caused you to feel bad and now you dont really care). This effectively leaves anything related to your personal well being and health in the hands of for-profit companies.


My point is, this is all part of a bigger picture. This is more than helping people (medicinally) with a naturally occurring herb; it's about taking back personal freedoms over one's own health, privacy and well being, instead of leaving those rights in the hands of modern day Profiteers and businesses. Think on a larger scale and one may begin to see what I do.

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