Marc Emery Will Be Extradited; Headed for Five Years in America's Gulag

As the Canada Press reports:
Marc Emery's lawyer says the self-described “Prince of Pot” has been ordered extradited to the United States. Kirk Tousaw says he received word from the federal justice department shortly after the long time marijuana advocate turned himself into custody today that the minister has decided to sign off on his extradition. Mr. Emery has been out on bail since last fall, when he was released from custody as the minister made the final decision in his case. He made a plea deal with U.S. prosecutors last year, agreeing to plead guilty in connection to his Vancouver-based seed-selling business in return for a sentence of five years in prison. It's not clear when Mr. Emery will be sent to the U.S., but Mr. Tousaw says he expects it will happen within the week.
Emery turned himself in this morning. This was the day Justice Minister Rob Nicholson had to decide whether to okay the extradition, deny it, or postpone a decision. Emery spoke briefly before vanishing into the gulag:
“I think of myself as a great Canadian – I've worked my whole life for individual freedom in this country, I've never asked for anything in return,” Mr. Emery told reporters outside B.C. Supreme Court in downtown Vancouver, with his wife by his side and a throng of supporters carrying “Free Marc” signs. “And now I will be possibly handed over to the United States for a five-year sentence for the so-called crime of selling seeds from my desk. I'm proud of what I've done, and I have no regrets.”
Well, I, for one, can rest easier tonight knowing this dangerous criminal is behind bars.
Vancouver, BC
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oh marc....

So as much as I like what he has done in the past, what annoys me about him is his desire to be a martyr for the sake of being a martyr, and his extremely confrontational demeanor.

I'm seriously pissed. Is the

I'm seriously pissed. Is the US justice department pressuring Canada to extradite? Seriously? I may not vote for Obama next time around.

you MAY not revote Obama?

you MAY not revote Obama? he's gone back on every promise he ever made. i'm actually starting to miss bush...


So you'd rather have a president in office who actively engages in drug war posturing and would instruct their attorney general to actively pursue medical marijuana providers, especially if they are complying with state law?

Obama is not the idealistic campaigner some people may have pictured him to be, but he's a damned sight better than Bush, particularly from the drug-war perspective. At least we're getting some incremental change here.

Your statement effectively parses to "Gee, we aren't getting everything we want, so I wish we could get back the criminally incompetent idealogue who ran roughshod over our rights and our movement. This incremental reform is bullshit!".

Seriously, I'm filled with contempt for your comment. Instead of wishing we had bush back (seriously?), why not wish you had voted for Nader back when he was running. Then you might have seen some real changes.

Electing yet another dem or rep to office won't change a thing

Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans want to end the war (any of the wars, but especially the drug war), the only way to get REAL change is to elect Constitutionalists (hint -- Nader is NOT one), Principled candidates, like libertarians, are the only ones who will end this travesty, this atrocity, this war on families and dogs.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Vote Ron Paul

he has voted to end every war every time and has spoken out on every war

What can be done at this point?

I can think of a couple options:

  1. Start a petition to pardon M.E. (low chance of success)
  2. Start a M.E. support group

I don't know if M.E. has the kind of visibility to successfully campaign for his pardon, but I think there are enough of us that we could actively support the dude, do whatever we can to make sure his prison stay is as painless as possible. Perhaps someone could coordinate a string of activist supporters, to ensure that he gets plenty of supportive visitors in prison and to ensure that he has whatever he needs to be as comfortable as he can be under the circumstances. When we find out what prison he will be kept in, perhaps those of us who have served time might arrange to get him a support group, to prevent the worst of the systems abuses being visited on him.

Furthermore, I think we should lobby to have M.E. acknowledged as a Prisoner of War. Perhaps we can arrange to have him handled by Amnesty International, and to receive red cross packages?

poop poop politics

The chicken shit eaters are giving up Marc. I always new the usa OWNED Canada.

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