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Kelly Ayotte Supports Persecuting Medical Marijuana Patients

Kelly Ayotte, former attorney general of New Hampshire and the state's leading Republican contender for Senate, wouldn't tell a disabled Navy veteran Manchester GOP Candidate Fair and Straw Poll that he was a criminal for needing medical marijuana. But it's hard to distinguish her position from that idea.

That and more candidate video footage appears at, a project of the New Hampshire Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy.

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Manchester, NH
United States
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Good, the state of New

Good, the state of New Hampshire is better off without her.

When will they let science

When will they let science rule instead of self-inflicted false morality and decades of lies? Some day a politician will stand up and voice the truth and he will be supported, and the world will be a better safer place.


Some day a politician will stand up and voice the truth

HaHaHaqHaHaHa! Ok it's your dream. These "politicians" are doing nothing more than lining their pockets with yours and my money that pays their salary! 

Medical Marijuana New Hampshire Kelly Ayotte

Good Lord! What the heck makes Kelly  Ayotte so cruel and inhumane? Hasn't she ever heard of the Human Endocannabinoid System? Hasn't she ever heard of Anandomide? The human body's own THC. Yes we have Cannabinoid receptors in our brains and body, plus our bodies make their own form of THC called Anandomide, Google it and see for yourself. Yet Ayotte deny's these scientific and medical facts, hmm, didn't a guy named Hitler deny science & medical facts? Which is why she, and so many others, are against Medical Marijuana due to ignorance. Why don't these people educate themselves rather than relying on propaganda and lies by the federal gov't. She see's how this soldier suffers, is astonished yet wants to make him an opiate junkie. What a stupid Bindividual (not a typo) you now what the B stands for. I only hope something like this happens to her where she will find out for herself the safety, efficiency and medical efficacy of Medical Marijuana. Or better yet her own child. Imagine how she would fight for medical marijuana then. Marijuana does NOT raise one's blood pressure like alcohol does. Marijuana is not toxic as is alcohol and the majority of prescription and OTC drugs. She is a Reefer Madness Baby.  New Song:  "I'm A Reefer Madness Baby" sung to the melody of "I'm A Prom Night Dumpster Baby" from "Family Guy." No I am not a teenager, I am a 57 year old man with Diabetic Neuropathic Gastroparesis (paralyzed stomach.) Symptoms are chronic nausea, vomiting and weight loss. I have lost over 100 Lbs in a 12 month period. Only recently have I started to eat again thanks to the appetite stimulant found in Medical Marijuana. There's that old "Marijuana is a natural medicine created by God to be used by man" point again. The FDA cannot make a better or safer drug than marijuana which is non-toxic and natural to the body which is why our bodies like it and respond to Cannabis Therapy so well.  I was told by my family Dr and my Digestive Specialist that there is no drug in today's pharmacopeia that safely controls chronic nausea & vomiting, nothing! Then they both said, "Except for Medical Marijuana" which was removed from the U.S. Pharmacopeia in 1940. Cannabis was in over 50% of all OTC drugs prior to being placed in Schedule I in 1940 against the wishes and desires of the AMA. Ayotte thinks marijuana is bad ONLY because that is all she has heard since she was born. Why? She's a Reefer Madness Baby. Because Marijuana is a Federal Schedule I drug, yet it is NOT a drug it is an herb with safe & temporary psychoactive effects that most humans find pleasurable. But in January 2011 it will be removed from the State of Iowa's Schedule I and placed into State Schedule II and the DEA will be notified of said change and will be notified that the DEA must also remove Marijuana from Federal Schedule I since State Laws trump Federal laws in what is determined to be "Safe Medical Practice." Ever heard of Gonzales vs Oregon? That case was about assisted suicide. The U.S. Supreme Court said, "Federal Law does not trump state law in determining what is safe medical practice." Marijuana has been in both Schedule I and II in Iowa since 1979. It is in Schedule I because Schedule I say's "Marijuana has no accepted use for medical treatment in the United States." Gee, I thought the 14 states and Washington D.C., having legal Medical Marijuana, was part of the U. S. Isn't it? Well then, does not logic dictate that Marijuana IS medicine? If not why is it legal medicine in 14 states and D.C.? Huh. why? Why does the Federal Government supply the 4 living patients on the IND program with free Medical Marijuana. Over 6-11 ounces a month, for free. The prescription reads "Smoke one marijuana cigarette every hour as needed." If these patients were to smoke the marijuana in something other than the federally rolled joints they would be breaking federal law and could get kicked off the IND program. I find it curious that the FDA says natural & smoked Marijuana is not medicine and yet that's exactly how they prescribe it. Marijuana is prescribed by the Federal Gov't, as medicine, and to be smoked only! This tells us that our Federal Government is well aware that Marijuana is medicine which is why the U.S. bought patents for any drugs synthesized from the marijuana plant. Its True, look it up. Medical Marijuana is a reality, people like Ayotte should not be in public office. They do not educate themselves on the issues they just do what they are told i.e. puppets. Legalize marijuana now and quit torturing people, sentencing them to death and locking them up as criminals. Wise up people Marijuana is not evil. It was created by God and God is incapable of doing evil. He knew the best medicine and gave it to us in the form of the Marijuana (slang for Cannabis) plant. God did not give us K2. K2 is a perfect example of what you get when man synthesizes Gods creations. DEATH! But the Cannabis plant is a life force plant. It supports human health and well being. Marijuana should be sold in your local grocery store instead of the toxic, death causing Alcohol. Answer this question enemy of the people Kelly Ayotte, What kind of gov't would restrict mood altering substances to only those that are fatal, extremely addictive and spawn a myriad of other fatal illnesses? Not a good one I can tell you that.

How much money from the alcohol industry?

I wonder how much she gets to support alcohol-only policies?

speaking to the deaf

It was amazing how she sounded so concerned but just couldn't get beyond her speaking points.Has anyone ever seen a politician be swayed at all by a sincere speaker?Obama was swayed by the fear that not changing his mind would cost him the presidency.I still can't believe how that hypocrite ran for cover as soon as he thought he really had a shot.It's a shame that we've had to move the position to medical marijuana,it's so insincere.Watching this woman reminds me how far we still have to go before we can even begin to talk about ending prohibition,which is the real goal here.Lets hope Portugal continues to put up the numbers that it has so far.It should make the prohibitionist argument moot.

Renounced the use of reason

"To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead." - Thomas Paine This person has obviously renounced the use of reason. She has completely closed her mind to the possibility that all the garbage she's been fed over the years could be false. It's a good thing she didn't win. Any person who lacks the ability to look at the facts and reevaluate their position on any subject does not belong in office. Also on a side note, Isn't New Hampshire supposed to be the "Live free or die" state? Looks like Ayotte is in favor of the die option.

she didnt answer the "why"

she didnt answer the "why" part.

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