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Resignation of Mexico's Attorney General Won't Change Much

I have an invited comment online at JURIST, explaining why the resignation of Mexican Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora won't change much. (Hint: It's Prohibition.) JURIST, which is published at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, is "the world's only law school-based comprehensive legal news and research service," according to its FAQ. It's also free, archives included. I've already added it to my Google Reader.
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You hit it on the head

Great Jurist comment! Thank you for seeing and telling the truth. Stop the Drug War is a beacon of truth! Your organization should be all over the news, but I understand that the media is currently too timid to really take this issue on. Keep on fighting!

- George

Good article... and the JURIST is now on my resource list too.

FREE legal advice is hard to find... I've relied on in the past for the day to day stuff in life.

Also glad you referenced the CATO article.


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The Cato link was thanks to

The Cato link was thanks to you, Thomas, I had not had time to go through those articles and would not have had as easy a time finding a Castaneda quote...

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

Always humbled to be of any help.

Always humbled to be of any help. Despite differences alliances and the exchange of ideas works best... just hope we still have the tips of our tongues when it's over? Herding cats is never easy!


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Nothing worthwhile is ever

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy...

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

Mexico's proxy War

As an Important side note the Man tapped by Calderon to replace Ed Medina Mora is none other than the Chihuahua State Prosecutor who was placed in charge of trying to solve the mystery of the dissapearance of young women in the Juarez area across the Rio Grande from El Paso years back. He has been widely criticized for his failure to close the case on the bulk of those murders. Ouch!!!! & Good Luck. J. Velasco

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