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Oakland Cannabis Tax on Lehrer News Hour Last Night

Oakland's new cannabis tax was highlighted on the PBS Lehrer News Hour report last night. The tax, counterintuitively, was supported by members of the Oakland medical marijuana community who are now subject to it -- an effective demonstration of the value the quasi-legal marijuana trade has for the Oakland community as a whole, at least that's the idea. I haven't had a chance to review the footage yet -- talk amongst yourselves. Favorable, neutral or otherwise, it's very much a sign of the times.
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You asked

The footage is not to bad. The Anti-Cannabis voice for the last min or so uses the Super strong pot, and addiction costs to bad mouth the legalization bills, but thats to be expected.

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The News Hour Rocks!

The News Hour is the best news show I've ever seen.

This segment was not too bad, actually pretty good. I wrote about it last night here at the blog.

I have to admit that going from $1 tax on $1K sales to $18 on $1K sales is much easier to digest than the other news of the day, ~ $300 tax on one ounce as discussed in my home-state of Taxachusetts. ;-)

Go Gwen! (Although she was not part of the segment.)

LOL Pwnd.

Wow, that was a pathetic counter from an obviously inarticulate prohibitionist.

He goes, "so what's the danger of that, getting high?"

A: "Well, they're going to lose all their productivity from all the employees, when I look at the children it affects them mentally."

LOL, all the lies about weed; supporting terrorism, killing brain cells, making you violent, etc have been proven false, so they've resorted to these pathetic arguments.

It is kind of sad seeing such a vicious beast in it's final throes of death, but not really.

Super great and so kind Oakland!

Awsome work Oakland. Never relent. Cannabis & natural medicine in general cures cancer and many other ailments. The global fossil corporations that own the federal government & force an unjust war and prohibition based economy on everyone are the cancer and ailment while cannabis natural medicine is the cure, so simple and pure. Peace all.

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