Cool "History of Weed" Video from Showtime "Weeds" Program

A precisely two minute YouTube ad for the Showtime program "Weeds" offers "A Brief History of Weed." The video begins with medical marijuana use documented in China in 2727 BC -- about 2,300 years too early for the Buddha image they use to represent it, but that's nitpicking. Flamethrower imagery at 1:06, representing the beginning of federal marijuana prohibition, is very effective, and post-Prop. 215 marijuana storefront footage is downright exciting. Check it out -- check out the Weeds season premiere on June 8th too. (Via The Daily Dish blog's "Cool Ad Watch.")
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Very cool, man...

Nice video. I think even the mainstream, non smoker is going to get it. All this talk about marijuana in the news -- and with shows like Weeds, more and more non smokers are going to start to question their anti-pot beliefs. I'm sure business and investment people want to know why cannabis is America's #1 cash crop. Why do people want to get high? Maybe this is not so bad, maybe even beneficial? Maybe this is just a safe alternative to beer? The government can't scare the public about this anymore, everybody knows that marijuana is friendly. And the show Weeds has certainly helped.

Here is something else

We need to send this article viral, too, in addition to the video highlighted here. This article addresses why people want to get high:

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

I just added this post to

I just added this post to the Policy Ideas website , please checkit out and vote it up:

My request is that marijuana be removed from Schedule I of the CSA as it no longer conforms to the definition crated back in 1970.

I know that all of us here would like to see prohibition ended, but in these types of questions for the Administartion we all already know the President’s point of view… he is not interested in legalization.

Here’s my take:

If the Fed would reclasify it would allow ALL 50 states the chance to make MMJ available to it citizens. Once the general population was able to see that marijuana doesn’t hurt the user, that there are no increases in marijuana related crime (is there any now?), and teen usage doesn’t spike… maybe then we will see attitudes across the boards change.

We know how the President feels about legalization (do I have to remind everyone of his disrespect in his Online Town Hall meeting?) so why not push him on an idea that he has publically commented positively on?

Schwarzenegger Q&A on digg - marijuana there?! :)

There is a Question&Answer with cal. gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on digg:

Have a look, vote for marijuana :)

 That is a very cool video


That is a very cool video which impressively tells about the History of Weed from the show time program

WEEDS. There is a lot of effort and research behind this video and I appreciate it. The video was worth

watching. Thanks for the share.






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