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Drug Legalization Cited During Jon Stewart/Jim Cramer Interview, Then Edited Out

With the help of our intern, Stacia Cosner of SSDP fame, we put together this short video last week:
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Excellent work Stacie

And great find.

I get this onto my blog later today. Youtube video's are crap but this one is well produced and an important find.

Thank you for it.

"CNBC's Jim Kramer supports Drug Legalization"

That's a nice title. MMMMmmmmmmmmm....good!

Thanks again

This is what I did with this quote:

CNBC's Jim Cramer supports Drug Legalization

I hope that it contributes to the discussion.

Great work

It's exciting to see all these talented young people coming up and fighting the monster. It's something to hold onto when the organs of the state seem to me (occasionally!) to be invincible.

Good but...

We have to be consistent about the numbers of nonviolent drug offenders in prisons and jails in this country. This woman stated there are half a million non violent drug users in our prisons yet other organizations state there are a million, or just under half of the prisoners in our prisons.

Which is it?

Here's one source on the over one million number:

But there are many others.

sign the petition: "Legalize marijuana, end the "War on Drugs'"

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Once you have signed, you can help even more by asking your friends and family to sign as well.

Thank you! Alan

Drug war

Ok here is what I know. When the war on drugs started at the beginning of the 20th century around 1.3 percent of the population were addicted to some sort of (drug) including alcohol. We have spent well over a trillion dollars fighting this war. Basically making criminals out of citizens that needed medical help. Yes they had a problem. A human problem which could of been solved by helping them not incarcerating them. Yes we are so civilixed. We are the only so called free country that puts people in jail for having a medical condition. This is insane. The only reason we have all the violence and crime around this issue is because of PROHIBITION. This has to stop. Getting back to the point do you know what percent of the population is addicted today. Around 1.3 percent. Does that make sense for us to continue to fight this war on our sick who need help and our sympaphy.

Rossiya avto

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