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LEAP Confronts The Drug Czar at a Press Conference

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The irony is truly remarkable. Kerlikowske claims legalization isn't in his vocabulary, yet the whole purpose of the press conference is to present a report that discusses legalization at great length. The drug czar's strategy of trying not to legitimize our position is completely at odds with the approach of the UN, thus he ultimately just comes across as unprepared. And that's exactly what he is. He's so unprepared to defend the drug war, he must pretend that legalization doesn't exist. It isn't going to work.

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nice rant anonymous

Tone it down a little dude, people will be more likely to listen .

Anonymous Rant and video

Many of your facts are inaccurate. If you want people to believe what you say or as noted above, take you seriously, you need to show that you aren't just giving an opinion. The National Center for Health Statistics surve reports on the percentage of high school seniors who used marijuana was 33.7% in 1980, 14% in 1990, 21.6% in 2000 and 18,8% in 2007. Figures for cocaine use are 5.2% in 1980 and then stable at 1.9-2.1% from 1990 thorugh 2007.
From: Health, United States, 2008, the 32nd annual report on the health status of the Nation prepared by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services for the President and Congress.

"Stumps the Drug Czar?" Not even close.

What are you watching? That video did not remotely show a "stumped Drug Czar". It showed a man respecting everyone's right to voice their opinion who has a clearly articulated opinion that you don't agree with. I don't see anyone stupmed - just you trying to demean someone who doesn't agree with you.

There's a difference...

in that by him disagreeing with me, he is advocating mass incarceration and arrests. Those of us against prohibition and government indoctrination are not.

This would be like if we had a debate on slavery and person X was for it. Sure, one could claim he is just voicing his opinion, which is fine. However, when that opinion becomes public policy and results in the rights and liberties of people being stripped, it's a problem.

Free speech? Yes. Mass criminalization of non-violent activity? No.

No Ranting

FYI, I deleted the first comment on this thread because it was way too long. Everyone's welcome to share their ideas, but please be respectful. Comments should be related to the topic of the post. Posting long essays you've already written is not appropriate in our comment section.


The Man Has No Supporting Data.

Regurgitation is a common tool used by those ignorant of the facts. To simply ignore and refuse to acknowledge facts on a matter of important discussion, is not only child-like, it represents the true nature of Kerlikowske. A person of his nature is reactive and not proactive. His position as Drug-Czar should be re-evaluated. Kerlikowske is a poor representation for the United States of America. It is my opinion that the only reason Kerlikowske refuses to discuss the topic of legalization of Marijuana, is because he fears for his job security. Evidently having no knowledge of or refusing to acknowledge the facts of a particular topic does not eliminate a person from being in charge of an organization. Perhaps we all could plead ignorance. Dogma at its finest. Kerlikowske has no supporting data. He behaves like a Two year old child when the child covers their eyes; "You can't See Me!"

I have 23 year old son who is a succsess and has never tried pot

But the drug czar whas a son who is in jail for marijuana sales and assualt.
The drug Czar has been an anti drug use zealot for all his life yet his kid has chosen to smoke a little pot and make money off of it.
My 23 year old son was always told the truth about medical use of marijuana. (I have HEP-C and use and grow medical marijuana)Kerlikowski son grew up with all the lies his father told him.
I think my son turned out better. he has never decided to drink or smoke anything. and he is a sucess! and he votes in favor of marijuana being legalized.
Us United states citizen have never had a chance to have a say about what we choose to put into our own bodies and that time is NOW.
Please legalize medical marijuana for everyone who needs it for their health around the country.
I am counting on YOU to make it legal for once in my life. Before I die from Hep-c.
Thank you very much!
Darral Good

Kerlikowske the Artful Dodger

Kerlikowske’s legalization response to LEAP comes across more as a “no comment” than a real policy statement.

One obvious reason for his caution is that a prohib terror assault would likely ensue on his office should the drug czar use the L-word inappropriately.  Once Kerlikowske anticipates the question and knows what to say to defuse it, he will always employ the same response to the same question.  The trick will be to catch him off guard.

What Mr. Kerlikowske needs are questions that allow him to be more open on the subject of drug law reform.  Questions such as :  “What is the government doing to implement harm reduction policies for those who will always use illegal drugs despite the legal restrictions?”

Or this:  “What is being done if anything by the government to encourage scientific research on the medical benefits of marijuana, ibogaine and other illicit drugs of potential medical interest?”

Make the questions specific enough, and he won’t be prepped with dismissive sound bites that cut off the questioner.


I agree with last post

People should think carefully what questions they ask and how they phrase them if they want to get anything new out of the cautious Obama administration. Both specific areas Giordano mentions are good places to apply pressure. I wonder if they could be made to admit that alcohol is more dangerous than weed, or that cannabis use rarely leads to violence,as long as any hint of legalizing weed was kept out of the question.


"What are you watching? That video did not remotely show a "stumped Drug Czar". It showed a man respecting everyone's right to voice their opinion who has a clearly articulated opinion that you don't agree with. I don't see anyone stupmed - just you trying to demean someone who doesn't agree with you."

A clearly articulated opinion of pretending not to know the meaning of the word "legalization?" He makes the claim that it is not in his vocabulary specifically to avoid having to articulate an actual defense of prohibition. Or do you actually believe he doesn't know the word? He's an empty suit who's sold his soul enough times that he can lie about ruining countless lives with a straight face. He's Walters 2.0.

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