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The Bong Hit Heard Around the World

In case you missed it, Olympic badass Michael Phelps got photographed taking bong hits at a party and nothing will ever be the same. He’s really, really sorry about it and he urges the public to forgive him and stop taking pictures of him at parties.

Radley Balko says pretty much everything that there is to say about this, but let me add that if anyone has a problem with Michael Phelps smoking marijuana, you should look in the mirror and think about how badly you suck. I don’t care who you are, you will never be as good at anything as Michael Phelps is at swimming. He’s better than you.

For all I care, Michael Phelps can suck gravity bongs out of an Olympic swimming pool on international television with his 14 gold medals around his neck. If you’re waiting for him to sell his trophies for dope money, don’t hold your breath. Speaking of which, Michael Phelps can hold his breath longer than you.

Update: NORML's hilariously brilliant Russ Belville has this. I want it on a t-shirt.

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He's a good guy

Michael Phelps is just one more figure of the public to be discovered enjoying life. Although housewives with impressionable children and ignorant people will never support him again, i don't see a reason to disown this man, who is richer, more powerful, and 100% healthier than anyone who says anything bad about him.

Every day the American government turns on its own people: they jail us, they hunt us, and they kill us. It's time to stop this using any means necessary.

Micheal Phelps has nothing to be sorry for!

I think Phelps should see this as an opportunity, rather than liability. Kinda like NORML has been trying to say to polititions. America is not fooled until they are caught it seems. The 'authorities' have the opportunity, through arrest and mandatory rehab, to slam their negative talking points about "drugs" and scare the hapless victim straight.

I'm sure Phelps right now thinks he's f**ked, but in reality could be a huge opportunity for him. I'm sure Phelps was a 'stoner' from log ago. And I'm sure it probably helped him master the art of swimming, but his hits conditioned him for longer breaths.

I think Phelps should slam his opposition to the wind! As proven by on-line and TV polls, marijuana prohibition should end. The truth is SCIENCE is finding that pot is medicine. In reality the truth is on his side. The WORLD is ready for legal cannabis. There is a huge market here, and not just in drug sales. This group is ready to support marijuana law reform. And if Phelps is only interested in money and affraid to losing his swimming career, I could see his point. But if he wanted to stand up for the people and go with his heart, he should bet against them. I think the 'establishment' is going to lose the people. I think Phelps could even be bigger celebrity! Sh*t, I could give a fuck about this guy, until I learned about his bong hits. Now I think he is cool. These prohibition 'criminals should start a which hunt! They might also find that red headed long hair kid who won the snowboarding medals a pot smoker too. And what about the NBA? And I I'm sure we can even find people in government!

Phelps dude, be a real hero to the people! Kick their ass and make loads of money and get more famous. Free cannabis and the prisoners!

Reverse boycott?

Howzabout everyone who's in favor of legalizing cannabis contact Phelps' sponsors to let them know they'll boycott if they DO drop him. Let them know you don't think marijuana is anything anyone should have to apologize for.

Anyone have a list of Phelps' sponsors/endorsements?

bongs away

if phelps had been turning up a bottle of liquor then who would know? it`d be like "let`s party". but since it was that "evil plant" called marijuana...... well now that`s just plain evil behavior. what is the media attempting here? what is their motivation? is it to follow their government funders and an attempt to demonize the user? are marching orders coming down from the ondcp? looks like it to me. what does cbs know about a pot legalization poll? all they have to do to find pot smokers is to look at their own personnel. this shit is rediculous. luckily it is all coming to an end though. Consfearacy will now sign off and smoke the kush.


took the pussy way out he should of told them to fuck off .how can you respect a guy with no balls.when your right your right .we dont need cowards .who pander to bullies


Email me a PO Box and size and you shall have your t-shirt for free.

You have a friend in the Graphics Bussiness.

[email protected]

Robert Hutton

Stupid laws

I'm sooo sorry I did not set that woman tied to the pole on fire. I'm sooo sorry I let that negroe on the bus. I'm sooo sorry I did not use a socially acceptable legal drug like alcohol instead. What a tool.

Scott, your wish... my command. T-shirts for everyone! -- "R"R

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott wants Phelps in jail

Lott said that he will charge Michael Phelps with a crime if he can prove that the Olympics hero smoked marijuana in Richland County.

That's what we need. Let's put another athletic hero in county lock-up. That'll send a strong message!

I get so fearful sometimes. Thank God for my Xanax and the righteousness of men like Lott.


There is no way that the consumption of pot can be proven with a picture! It could have been salvia, which is legal in most states at the present. It could, also, be tobacco, or any other type of herb sold at the smoking emporiums, today. I think it might, also, be against his fourth amendment rights to force him to have a drug test, at this point, because it would reasonably be out of his system. If he tested negative, what evidence would they have? If they pursue the charges, I think Michael Phelps should consider suing them for harassment and illegal arrest!

What kind of backwoods sheriff would pursue charges that could, in no way, be proven, with the flimsy evidence they claim. And I hope they cannot get any "witnesses" to testify. Only problem I see is that there were a couple of commenters on the youtube videos that looked like they were carrying a grudge, telling everyone how much of an "a--hole" Michael was, at parties they had attended!. Sounded like childish jealousy to me!

But, that type of person could line up to testify against him. Looks like the fingers should be pointing towards the "witness" as to whom has the jack ass type of behavior!

It proves pot does not make you a loser

If Phelps can smoke pot and still win 8 Olympic Gold Medals, then what's the problem with pot? It didn't hurt Phelps. If Barack Obama can smoke pot and still become president of the United States, then what's the problem with pot? It didn't hurt Obama.

This is a message that simply cannot escape the notice of young people everywhere.

Doesn't Phelps have ADHD?

While watching the Olympics I remember his mother (oft interviewed) saying Michael has ADHD which was one of her main resons for getting him into swimming to begin with.

There's been documented research that marijuana helps this particular disorder and in many instances has proven to be just as effective at enhancing one's ability to focus as pharmaceuticals such as Ritalin. Hmm.


I just had a flash! The behavior that has been observed, I think, is listed as part of the problem in ADHD patients! They are impulsive.

Self medication is what my wife used to do! Instead of getting stimulated from the medications, her concentration went up and she could actually read more than a couple sentences at a time. She would actually set for a couple of hours READING!! That is when she was on Adderal, the legal prescription. This gal cannot even sit through a full length movie without the meds! Coffee, the real stuff with caffeine, put her to sleep!


Isn't it about time for somebody to NOT apologize ? I like to think that in the same situation I would tell the world it's no big deal and it's none of their business, but I'm not famous or likely to become so.


I guess the media wants their untarneshed image of Phelps to prevail. Reality, the guy can outswim anyone in history and he likes to party. Just like everyone else his age. I don't blame him for "chickening out". There's millions at stake, and I think he can weasel out of this one. But as far as Kelloggs and all the rest, do not give those guys one single day of rest for boycotting him!

It's time to get serious. Obama is in the White House and Evil Tyranny has left the White House....for now. The time for change is NOW. Now more then any time since the 60's. Time to get this country back on the road and making some sense. In California next week they're going to have to let 10's of thousands of prisoners OUT!! The three strikes law that has packed the prisons with non violent offenders. It just worked too well! Guys doing life for stealing a pizza!!!

The drug war is dead. That drug war proved to be the single best way to promote the supply of horrible drugs to all of the United States. And why Marijuana is included in that war is absolutely mystifying. END THE STUPIDITY, THE IGNORANCE, THE INCARCERATION OF OUR CITIZENS!

Thank you, I feel better....

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