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A Drug-Free World -- Reloaded

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The matrix of global drug prohibition was reloaded in Vienna last month -- the only change being a new target date for making the world drug free. Video from the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union:
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It is my intention to make all psycho-acting drugs a government-distributed commodity; that is, all controlled substances (i.e.,amphetamines, barbaturates, cocaine, heroin, morphine, methadone, etc.) be distributed exclusively through governmental agencies at no cost to the consumer/patient. These substances would only be available at and through these agencies by doctors, employed by the government.
The advantages would be endless, but among these are: the elimination of financial incentives and profit; elimination of the corruption of law enforcement agencies; addicts would not be slaves of pushers; women would not have to prostitute themselves to obtain their drugs; addicts would not have to rob, steal, or kill innocent people to obtain money or do the bidding of drug pushers; criminality would be reduced to those who sell the drugs, not the addicts; treatment could be initiated to those who desire to be treated and cured. The cost would be many billions of dollars less that we spend today in our fruitless efforts to stop drug traffic. Oh, yes, we would save countless lives and suffering, including those who are inncocent victims of drug trafficers. PLEASE RESPOND.
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I very much like your idea

I very much like your idea in comparison to what we have today. I generally don't think of that possibility (free drugs for everyone), but it definitely would tackle the problem of addicts stealing to get their drugs and of prostitution to buy drugs. (–BTW, prostitution should also be legal so we can eradicate pimps–).

What I normally envision, though, is just legal drugs sold by private companies with different government regulation for different types of drugs. I suppose there's pros and cons to each, but either one would be much better than what we have today.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Legalize all drugs for adults but keep the government out of the drug business. We don't need an expansion of government bureaucracy. Private businesses are perfectly capable of selling products and remitting the tax on those sales to their state government. People should be free to grow any plant without restriction or tax. Just tax the sale of drugs but keep it reasonable. If it cost too much then a black market will form. Let's be reasonable. An ounce of marijuana with tax should sell for less than $10. Don't sell drugs to minors unless they have a doctor's prescription. Stop locking up peaceful citizens. End prohibition now. People got to be free. Peace.

"Mr. President... we know you inhaled. Why can't we?"

As our country sinks further into recession, I do sincerely believe now IS the right time for politicians to be coming out of their own cannabis closets and publicly supporting this movement. Not only can we save billions nationally with this policy change, we can potentially make billions more in legalization and taxation of marijuana and hemp products.

We're supposedly the land of the free, so why are we all not free? Why can't gay people get married? Why can't women get abortions? Why can't we realize that marijuana is completely safe and needs to be legalized? Why do we have over 2 million people in prison, over half of them for non-violent offenses (most of which are "drug offenses")? Why can't every American be assured of freedom to pursue happiness in their own way (as long as that way doesn't involve fraud or force against others)?

If we want to be the land of the free we must also be, as our national anthem says, the home of the brave. Our politicians and our people need to ATTACK these issues head-on. We need to show the world that we can be brave. We can change into a TRULY free society with a TRULY FREE MARKET and inspire the world toward the same goals.

If we really want to lead the "free world" we MUST prove to the international community, and ourselves, that "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" isn't merely a slogan.

I just HAD to pass along the above posting I found over at Digg, because it conveys the simple TRUTH! We cannot continue to claim that we are a "free" nation when we have so little real freedom left (if you've been paying any attention at all, you know that is true). So, either we must openly admit to ourselves and the world that freedom is over in America, that mercantilism/corporatism and tyranny won; or, we must restore freedom to America, as peacefully as possible. My vote is for the latter.

PS: the heading I used was taken from another post at Digg.
I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

good idea

It would make younger people act more responsibly with their choices and force it into the limelight, raising awareness and i think it would cause a reduction in use. For some young people it ruins their lives and taking a tough legal stance is not enough of a detterant to stop them "trying".

Let science lead...

What has caused a lessening of tobacco use? Allowing science and medicine to point out it's harms and allowing adults to make the choice for themselves, as well as attempting to keep it out of kids' hands through carding. The truth goes much further than the lies being spun by those with prohibitionist agendas who want to protect their jobs. It gets old discussing the drug war after a while- mostly because the same lies are repeated over and over and those with a little common sense are able to see through them. Some day prohibition will be formally declared as a failure. Let's hope that it doesn't take another 10 years before they come to this inevitable conclusion.

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