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More Video of Drug Reformers and Their Encounters with the "Other Side" at the UN in Vienna Last Month

Last month I posted some video highlights, filmed by the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, from a recent NGO session convened by the United Nations drug agency in Vienna where many of our friends participated. HCLU has released some more videos from the session, "Abstinence First?," discussing the flaws of the abstinence-only model; "Student Drug Testing"; and War on Drugs: The New Jim Crow." Follow the links to read introductory comments by HCLU's Peter Sarosi before watching the videos, or just watch them here:
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If you don't trust your...

children, they won't trust you. And ,Calvina "parents will belive anything"Faye ,sold her soul to Mel and Betty Sembler... a long time ago.


i went to jail for .4 gram of weed. I dont sell i'm non violent so i guess i'm a myth.

Kudos to the HCLU

The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union deserves exemplary honors for the video segments they’ve produced on the Vienna Conference.

In addition to the thoughtful interviews, there’s nothing like a video showing the nutball Antonio Maria Costa pontificating at a podium to really bring home the allusionary image of a greasy, sweaty Joe McCarthy wielding his BS before the U.S. Senate.

As with the infamous Tail-Gunner Joe McCarthy, in the cold glare of a public spotlight, the drug warriors are not photogenic, nor are they convincing.



I like the statistic that only 8.4% of crack convictions were high level dealers. In addition to being abusive and ignorant cops are also apparently lazy as well. Instead of doing a full investigation to take out the top they just go after low level people to up their statistics. If they actually thought drugs were a terrible crime that victimizes the public it seems like they would work a little harder at breaking up organizations from the top down instead of just hitting the bottom so they actually had an impact. I guess they liars in addition to being abusive, ignorant, and lazy. They only act like they hate drugs but they dont hate them enough to do a little extra work so its all worthless lip service. Lets put these people out of work so we can have real cops that actually protect communities again.

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