Video of Ron Paul Debate Comments Opposing Drug War

Last week we posted some Mike Gravel footage on about drug legalization, and promised to do likewise for Ron Paul if recent links were sent. Fresh from the Republican candidates debate on PBS, Dr. Paul speaks, via YouTube (and Drug WarRant):

Interestingly, he discusses the racial disparity in drug enforcement, not such a popular angle with Republican audiences generally, despite the overwhelmingly evidence about it. Good for him. Now, any Dennis Kucinich anti-drug war footage out there?

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Some one needs to go after Fred.

I think Guiliani is a lost cause.

Ron Paul

If you wanted to vote for Ron Paul in New York or New Hampshire, you have until 10/12/2007 to register as a Republican to do so.


Could you post the links to videos for us bloggers who might want to use them?

It would make them easier to find.

Ron Paul vs Fred

First off:

I posted the video at Ron Paul On Race And Drugs.


Fred is big on States Rights. So who ever approaches him might get a good answer if they posed the question in those terms.


Ron Paul wants to end the "war on drugs" because he values freedom in general.


Calling Rudy a "lost cause" is an understatement. All the neocons are harmful to our movement. We need to make it clear that we will not be voting Republican if Ron Paul does not win the nomination.

he wants the people to decide, the states, not the federal gov't

Ron Paul does not want to legalize drugs, he wants the states to decide for themselves. (otherwords, let the people decide) whichis what our country is all about. because someone legalizes drigs does not mean your children will do more of them, actually quite the contrary. I'm Italian and was about 4 yrs. old when my grandma started making me drink wine. i hated it but there is no drinking age in italy and they have the lowest rate of alcoholism of any nation. Kids go after things they can't have or are illegal for the thrill i'd guess. ALso, ROn Paul is not saying kids should do drugs. also when drugs are legal all the bad drugs disappear and the quality ones comes forefront because people will have a choice to test these drugs etc and not have to hurry a decision in an alley to get anythig they can get before the cops get there and bust them.

gravel kucinich paul nader

HDNet Dec 1 DNC debate (Sat 7:30pm ET)
- all eight -

gravel kucinich paul nader

It's such a shame that

It's such a shame that Ron Paul dropped out of the presidential race. He was the only candidate that seemed genuine to me


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