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Drew Carey Cares About Medical Marijuana

You might remember Drew Carey from his hit sitcom The Drew Carey Show. Now he's hosting, which has a great new episode about medical marijuana:

This program totally confirms my pre-existing belief that we must defend patient access to medical marijuana, and that the spineless bureaucrats who want to take it from them should be tossed into the Potomac.

Interestingly, the DEA refused to be interviewed by Drew Carey for the episode. If they are tired of discussing this issue, perhaps they should stop raiding dispensaries and terrorizing patients and caregivers.
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DEAth penalty

Does this mean that the DEA can ignore state law and arrest patients and pharmacies in spite of:"The Will of the People?Even Mr. Harper and the RCMP don't have the balls for that.That's pretty sick.

will of the people?

What is sick is for anyone to think that alcohol is any safer! Drew astutely points out that it is easily available. Thing is, MJ has never caused liver or kidney failure. In fact, the medications, labeled controlled drugs, rarely causes that type of complication. (but OTC's like Motrin, aspirin, and Tylenol (not an NSAID) do!) MJ has none, as established so far, that are life threatening! Yet more than 16,000 people each year, DIE from gastro-intestinal bleeding induced by NSAIDS! How many die from the illegal "hard drugs". I venture to say,not as many!

Cannabis not harmful enough to legalie

This is the puritan society -- you cannot have pleasure without paying for it in 'pain' (another reason against abortion and birth control). Alcohol -- hangover and death from overconsumption. Smoking: 400,000 deaths/year, with the chances of death somewhat proportional to consumption.

But cannabis? Virtually no harm. It even lowers risk of cancer below that of the general population!!! It's a health-herb. Not a drug -- FDA approval shouldn't be needed -- it should be in the same class as "Gingko Biloba" or "Chamomille"... It is a *supplement* and therefore not under regulation by FDA. FDA approval is needed for it to be approved as a medicine (a laudable goal, but shouldn't be used as litmus tests for legality.

Understand, FDA approval isn't necessary for "supplements" -- only for medicines...So why not also try to get it pushed back to "herbal tea" status? (not to discontinue medical use fight).


you are wrong my friend

Understand, FDA approval isn't necessary for "supplements"

Bless your heart, Drew

Cancer patients need something to help them with their appetites, that something is Marijuana. Drew, thank you for helping people out who really need this stuff. Just watch TV and see some of the side effects of these drugs the pharmicutical companies are trying to unload on the public, it is unbelievable. The government ought to be ashamed for keeping marijuana from sick people and they should completely legalize it, tax it properly and take it away from the criminal element.


i need it 24/7 bitches
give me money to go buy weed

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