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Marijuana Now Causes Homosexual Incest. That's What They're Saying.

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You've been warned that marijuana could turn you into a dickhead, but you didn’t listen. Now MTV Canada has raised the stakes with the frightening news that marijuana might cause brothers to make out with each other.

The video must be seen to be believed.

Now I know what you're thinking. This is just another outlandish scare tactic, so far removed from human experience that it will serve only to amuse its target audience. Well make jokes while you can, hippies, because it won't be funny anymore when there are pictures of you all over Myspace making out with your brother.

Besides, now that they're lacing the marijuana with even stronger marijuana, you could be hooking up with your mom right now and not even know it. So don't tell me these ads are unrealistic. You're being unrealistic if you think you can smoke pot recreationally without supporting terrorists, eating your own hand, losing your girlfriend to an alien, turning into a dickhead, and getting it on with your family.
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homosexual incest

Most responsible smokers know how to titrate their input to avoid getting "too high." In other words, responsible smokers only intake enough to achieve their desired level of being high.

Marinol is laden with more THC than any pot/hash that you will ever smoke at one time. People have used Marinol without any bizarre sexual side-effects.

Is John Walters in Canada again? I would expect this type of ignorance from the White House.

you know, i think a lot of

you know, i think a lot of this ad's purpose comes from MTV canadas repetitive homosexual tendency ads that are trying to ever twist all the little 14 year old kids (the majority of viewers) minds up making it harder for them to make their own appropriate decisions about their sexual orientation. they've been playing a few ads that are just completely twisted over the past year or two that i've heard about or happened to see. theres nothing wrong with making a choice about how you want to live or tolerating homosexuality, but they try to push this "gay is cool and hip" thing a little too far. i question this a lot more about mtv canada then them pushing an "anti-weed" i pack my bong and think fond thoughts about my older sister....sorry dont have a brother

I bet you wouldn't be

I bet you wouldn't be complaining if it was "two hot chicks" making out, eh? Seems like you straight guys are hypocrites. Maybe you need a cure for your hypocrisy.


I really don't know what I'd say about an anti-marijuana ad that featured "two hot chicks" making out. I would have to review such material thoroughly in order to form an opinion on the issues it raises.

weed made you this. smh

weed made you this. smh

uneducated fool

you really believe that weed smokers support terrorism!! what about the worlds addiction to oil? and homosexuality!!! o mi god what next? maybe "marijuana's role in the destruction of the worlds ozone layer!!" maybe you should do a little more research for yourself about where terrorists get their money rather than just jumping on the bandwagon without any facts...

My god, you're right!

I did some more research, and it turns out marijuana doesn't cause terrorism. In fact, I also learned that it doesn't make you eat your hand, and apparently there's no such thing as aliens!  

I thought that was a joke...

That idiot ACTUALLY believes that smoking pot can make you eat your hand...kiss your realiatives..or even make you a terrorist?? I thought he was being sarcastic...what a moron. People put way to much time into trying to find something wrong with getting high. There is nothing wrong with smoking some herb after a hard days work...all our money goes to the damn government and that makes me get in a pissy I smoke...Sit at home, mind my own business, and hit the bong. Its no where near as bad as alcohol...but anyone can still sit a bar and drink as much of that as they want. That video was the stupidest thing Ive ever seen in my life..but it did kinda crack me up..I hit the joint just for them. They need a hobby...they should smoke and than they will see how great it is..and we could all just live in peace.


It's just a matter of time before your girlfriend leaves you for an alien just like that "Above The Influence" ad.

You might think you're having fun, but that's just because you're too messed up to realize that you're having the worst time ever. Have you ever heard of acute cannabis toxicity? You're on your way to becoming a statistic.

Ok, I'm kidding. And yes, I was kidding the whole time. I can't believe I've been writing this blog for many months now and I still get called out the second I invoke a little sacrasm to make a point.


Wow, Scott. I'm amazed at how every time you use a little sarcasm to drive home a point, there's always someone who just doesn't get it.

After we end drug prohibition, you need to start Bloggers for the Appreciation of Sarcasm, Tomfoolery, the Art of Ridicule, and Deadpan (BASTARD). I'll gladly serve on your board of directors.

Micah Daigle's picture

That last comment was me.

Inherently anti-gay

The ad itself if not only absurd propaganda but is inherently bigoted. At the very least it is intended to play to the bigotry of young, sexually insecure males. The idea is to terrify them that if they smoke pot they might turn gay, at least under the influence. So not only is it telling them that pot is bad but that being gay is bad as well.

this further supports my

this further supports my opinion that slavery should be made legal once again

aint nothin wrong with

aint nothin wrong with gettin high. yall dumb asses just use it as an excuse to kiss ur brother ya big nasty!

oh my god

holy shit mom get your head out of my pussy , im not even stoned yet.... oh wait that doesn't really happen


i smoke at least a little bud everyday and ive never eaten my hand, lost my girlfriend to an alien, or made out with a dude. in fact everytime i smoke i have fun. especially when i first started and i would freak out really bad. all these people against weed wouldnt know what its like unless they've tried it so they need to shut the fuck up

Pot Makes You Gay

I had a childhood friend. He dated the most attractive women. He was an athelete and we used to drink beers but still stayed in good shape. Towards the end of college he was dating a model material woman. (He always had a pretty girlfriend). He started smoking a lot of pot. He continued to smoke pot after graduating college while holding down a full time job. Now he starts smoking pot more and more cause he has more cash. After two years or so after college he moves from NYC to another major US across the country. He breaks off his engagement to his supermodel type girlfriend. I never knew why. My buddy Dinger knew but never told me. After a few years I asked him if Brian's Gay? Dinger said yes Brian's Gay and he is still smoking a lot of Pot. I think the pot did something to his brain. I think it changed his personality. All those trip to Lake George with woamn and getting laid, he comes to a realization that is is all of sudden gay? So my best bud for many years is Gay and Dinger says Brian's Gay. Pretty messed up.

Smoking marijuana makes you gay

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