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Marijuana Now Causes Homosexual Incest. That's What They're Saying.

Submitted by smorgan on
You've been warned that marijuana could turn you into a dickhead, but you didn’t listen. Now MTV Canada has raised the stakes with the frightening news that marijuana might cause brothers to make out with each other.

The video must be seen to be believed.

Now I know what you're thinking. This is just another outlandish scare tactic, so far removed from human experience that it will serve only to amuse its target audience. Well make jokes while you can, hippies, because it won't be funny anymore when there are pictures of you all over Myspace making out with your brother.

Besides, now that they're lacing the marijuana with even stronger marijuana, you could be hooking up with your mom right now and not even know it. So don't tell me these ads are unrealistic. You're being unrealistic if you think you can smoke pot recreationally without supporting terrorists, eating your own hand, losing your girlfriend to an alien, turning into a dickhead, and getting it on with your family.

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