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D.C. Needle Exchange Ban Lifted: Let's Do Heroin!

From The Washington Post:
The House yesterday lifted a nine-year-old ban on using D.C. tax dollars to provide clean needles to drug addicts, handing city leaders what they consider a crucial new weapon against a severe AIDS epidemic.
Well, I know what I'm doing tonight. Heroin. Because concerns about the availability of clean needles were the only thing stopping me.

Pro-AIDS activist Mark Souder is furious. He thinks this will cause a heroin epidemic or something. He's right, if you can call a bunch of heroin users that would otherwise be dead an epidemic.

Not to mention that all my friends are pawning their playstations in anticipation of getting super-wasted on uncut, AIDS-free H. I hear it's like having sex with a cloud.

United States
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nedle exchange

I wonder how many states, actually , have a needle exchange program. In the state I am residing, I recently learned that addicts are using needles they find in the gutter! There is no identifiabale program for needle exchange found on the Internet. If they want to put out millions of, uneeded medical, dollars to care for the people that suffer, because of this ... I guess they can supply a lot of patients for their teaching hospitals!

The lack of concern for other human beings is a shame. (Even if they are a bunch of low life junkies.) They are somebody's children! What happened to the Christians! Where is compassion to the ill, in this behavior!

harm reduction...

I wonder how many people from the groups mentioned in the accompanying links have a child who, in the spirit of curiosity or rebellion or peer pressure, found themselves taking a drug by way of a needle, and found upon examination to be infected with HIV/AIDS, HCV, STD, the common cold or other diseases.
I wonder how they might feel about the advantage of a clean needle...
I wonder how their sympathies might change in light of the fact that disease is all around us, and simple sanitation has reduced infections of so many types...
I wonder how many of the upper echelons are themselves infected by one time use of a needle, being unaware, or overeager, or at the time uncaring of consequence...
What possesses the nay-sayers to refuse to provide an item that is in certain strata a common implement, considering so many of us worked, paid taxes, raised families who are not involved with drugs, and are now respectfully retired?
What is their driving issue?
I would never pull out my works in front of someone who was new to the life, but with peers I engaged in IV use, though not in sharing, and I still have HCV, possibly from surgeries or hospital stays or sexual contacts...
I consider us fighting the good fight and am perplexed b y those who don't see the truth.

Needle Exchange

It is obvious this program is being promoted by the many groups promoting many illegal drugs in this country. The way to avoid many diseases is to live a clean, above board life. Drug abuse leads to so many other issues, nothing should be done to facilitate illegal drug use, including needle exchanges. Where would one locate a needle exchange ? Needle Park in Denmark is an above ground sewer. HIV, HCV et. al. are nature's way of cleansing the gene pool.

needle exchange

I volunteer at a needle exchange! It's great. Our clients are so sweet, one always thanks us and brings us money even though he's homeless and needs it badly...HIV rates in the area have gone way down since we started, and there are much less dirty syringes on the street. I think it's an excellent idea all around, it's the only thing proven to reduce HIV rates.

needle exchange

I think it's great that you volunteer to help those less fortunate than yourself. I would like to know what city and state you are in, as I know people who could really use this help to stay free of disease while using a drug that is very hard to stop using...It causes a lot of pain and can probably cause seizures if you try to get off heroin and/or other addicting medications too quickly.(used to, and maybe is still called "Cold Turkey."

Would the Anonymous commenter please respond about where this is, or if anyone else knows of where there is an exchange open in New Jersey, it would be very much appreciated. According to this website, one is in Atlantic City..but I would like to know where it is located. Also, I heard that Camden, NJ is supposed to be opening an exchange, but I don't believe this has happened yet..If anyone has any info,(especially to the contrary) please respond...Thanks,

Hoping to help my friends;in NJ,

Joanne Pitman

There's a good one in Newark

There's a good one in Newark at 300 central ave

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