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14 Year Old Juvenile Informant; Dead at 16 years of Age. According to Police.

Submitted by David Borden on
I thought everyone would find this interesting. I almost forgot that I had this reply that I received from a Newspaper Journalist. The Content concerned a Child that had been used as a Confidential Informant, since the tender age of 14 years old. The child ended up dead at 16 years old and his best friend has been sent to the "Pen" for 28 years. Nothing happened to the Police Officer that placed the 16 year old boy in mortal danger. This all happened in the Texas 81st Judicial District. Pay attention to the end of the article: Read on From : Bill O'Connell Sent : Tuesday, March 1, 2005 11:13 AM To : mark sanchez Subject : Re: Not true about not having to tell the FHS administrators 3/1/05 11:37 AM, mark sanchez wrote: QUOTE, Brenda Ullevig:*** “I don’t have to tell them [administrators] who gave me information.” LAW: Note: Code of Criminal Procedure Art. 62.032 ***LAW ENFORCEMENT NOTICE TO SUPERINTENDENT a local law enforcement authority shall provide notice to the Superintendent only if: The victim was at the time of the offense a child younger than 17 years of age or a student enrolled in a public or private secondary school. Policy The Superintendent and the principals shall develop plans and procedures for acquainting students with safe conduct and behavior in a variety of conditions and circumstances, including play and recreation, fire, severe weather, use of bicycles and automobiles, and use of school transportation. Teachers and administrators shall promote these procedures among students as appropriate. A principal or designee may order the immediate expulsion of a student if the principal or designee reasonably believes that such action is necessary to protect persons or property from imminent harm. NO UNSUPERVISED SETTING Except for students who are suspended or expelled, no student may be placed in an unsupervised setting as a result of conduct for which a student may be placed in a DAEP. Education Code 37.008(h) Question: What will happen to the police officer or officers responsible for putting Paul Guajardo in danger beginning at age 14? Opinion: The Government entrusted to serve the people has evidently uses a children. One of those children was shot dead. What a waste,” Question: How is the D.A. going to handle the investigation into the described Child endangerment and or other possible charges against the police officer that put the child in such danger? Danger that our children are facing this very day? “If Paul Guajardo could come back, I think he would say, ‘Don’t’ forget me,’” The D.A.'s novel approach of “He tried to better the life that he had and he failed Are the officials responsible for placing Paul Guajardo in mortal jeapordy going to face any type of charges and or official reprimand? You have just read a portion of the rules and you can research them for yourself Bill. This type of activity can be compared to a Secret Police with hidden agenda's. Reply From Bill O : I thought you might have an interesting perspective on this matter. I was somewhat dumbstruck upon hearing a police officer testify about using a minor as a confidential informant. During a break in the trial, I asked a local narcotics task force officer if they ever used juveniles in this way, and he said no way. It presents "law enforcement liability," according to the agent. Bill O A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right. ----Thomas Paine In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery? ---Saint Augustine

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