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Feedback: Do You Read Drug War Chronicle?

Submitted by David Borden on (Issue #604)

Do you read Drug War Chronicle? If so, we'd like to hear from you. DRCNet needs two things:

  1. We are in between newsletter grants, and that makes our need for donations more pressing. Drug War Chronicle is free to read but not to produce! Click here to make a donation by credit card or PayPal, or to print out a form to send in by mail.

  2. Please send quotes and reports on how you put our flow of information to work, for use in upcoming grant proposals and letters to funders or potential funders. Do you use DRCNet as a source for public speaking? For letters to the editor? Helping you talk to friends or associates about the issue? Research? For your own edification? Have you changed your mind about any aspects of drug policy since subscribing, or inspired you to get involved in the cause? Do you reprint or repost portions of our bulletins on other lists or in other newsletters? Do you have any criticisms or complaints, or suggestions? We want to hear those too. Please send your response -- one or two sentences would be fine; more is great, too -- email [email protected] or reply to a Chronicle email or use our online comment form. Please let us know if we may reprint your comments, and if so, if we may include your name or if you wish to remain anonymous. IMPORTANT: Even if you have given us this kind of feedback before, we could use your updated feedback now too -- we need to hear from you!

Again, please help us keep Drug War Chronicle alive at this important time! Click here to make a donation online, or send your check or money order to: DRCNet, P.O. Box 18402, Washington, DC 20036. Make your check payable to DRCNet Foundation to make a tax-deductible donation for Drug War Chronicle -- remember if you select one of our member premium gifts that will reduce the portion of your donation that is tax-deductible -- or make a non-deductible donation for our lobbying work -- online or check payable to Drug Reform Coordination Network, same address. We can also accept contributions of stock -- email [email protected] for the necessary info.

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Marijuana smok… (not verified)

You bet I do, every chance I get. I am disabiled and live in a state where we do not have Medical Marijuana laws. They say they will pass a bill here in Illinois for this, but will take your license if you get this medicine. I have been on some very hard prescription drugs and not once did anyone try and take my license. Take my liciense for a drug you can't even OD on, come on people, you can OD on asprin, but I know of not one OD from Marijuana. Don't happen, never has never will.

Fri, 10/16/2009 - 11:50am Permalink
brother john (not verified)

Why yes. It is a very short and timely way of showing the ridiculous thinking of all prohibitionists. By pushing their world view on us they create all these problems of corruption, drug dealers, high prices, and Mexican instability. People who judge us with harsh nonsensical laws are totally bankrupt of any true moral compassion or love. They deny the God they supposedly serve.

true that
brother john

Fri, 10/16/2009 - 3:04pm Permalink
aluminu (not verified)

The Drug War Chronicle is a great resource for staying up to date with the latest news on the anti-drug war front.

Fri, 10/16/2009 - 3:27pm Permalink
Bill in SC (not verified)

You betcha! I read every word of every issue. I am disabled and don't have the funds to send a donation, but I verbally promote this site wherever applicable!

BB in SC

Sat, 10/17/2009 - 3:31pm Permalink
John Schreiner (not verified)

I read the Drug War Chronicle regularly. I find it a unique compendium of what's happening world wide. It reinforces my belief that the "war" is worth surrendering to less costly more productive alternatives. Your chronicle keeps me up-to-date and often spurs my writing letters to the editor and to speak up publicly for more sane policies. Thanks, John Schreiner

Mon, 10/19/2009 - 4:25pm Permalink

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