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Chronicle AM: Malaysia Death Sentence for Cannabis Oil, OH MedMJ Delays, More... (9/5/18)

Submitted by Phillip Smith on (Issue #1035)

A Malaysian court has sentenced a man to death for providing cannabis oil to patients, a group of lawmakers asks the VA to study medical marijuana as an alternative to opioids, and more.

Ohio medical marijuana patients will have to wait a little longer.
Medical Marijuana

Lawmakers Ask VA Secretary to Research Marijuana as Alternative to Opioids. A bipartisan group of legislators sent a letter last Thursday to Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie asking him to begin a "rigorous clinical trial" of medical marijuana for PTSD and chronic pain. "We believe VA has the authority, ability, and capacity to carry out such a study," they wrote. "Many of our nation's veterans already use medicinal cannabis, and they deserve to have full knowledge of the potential benefits and side effects of this alternative therapy." Signatories to the letter were Rep. Phil Roe (R-TN), Sen. Dan Sullivan, (R-AK), along with Democrats Sen. Jon Tester of Montana and Rep. Tim Walz of Minnesota.

Ohio Regulators Say State Will Not Meet Saturday Deadline for Medical Marijuana. Officials with the State Medical Board, Board of Pharmacy, and Board of Commerce say they will not be able to meet a Saturday deadline for getting the state's medical marijuana program up and running. Some licenses have been issued, but no growers yet have crops ready to go to market.

Utah Initiative Campaign Files Election Complaint Over Opposition Radio Ad. The Utah Patients Coalition Tuesday filed a complaint with the lieutenant governor's office about an ad from Drug Safe Utah that declares "Prop 2 is actually about recreational use and not medical." "DSU has published a false statement in relation to Prop 2, a ballot measure, that will affect how people vote in the November election. We therefore request the Elections Division to order DSU to immediately cease and desist all such claims regarding Prop 2 being an attempt to legalize 'recreational use,'" the complaint reads. Drug Safe Utah said it stood by its ad.


Death Sentence for Malaysia Man Who Gave Patients Free Cannabis Oil. A Malaysian court has sentenced a man to death for processing cannabis oil and distributing it to patients. Muhammed Lukman was sentenced on August 30 after being convicted of possessing, processing, and distributing cannabis oil. There is no allegation that Lukman profited from his activities, but he was still found guilty of violating a provision of the country's Dangerous Drug Act that mandates the death penalty. Malaysia is one of at least 33 countries that resort to the death penalty for drug offenses.

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Seth Tyrssen (not verified)

It is amazing, and seriously shocking, that this could happen.  Especially when there's a wealth of information about how useful the Sacred Herb is, in its many forms, for both health and spirituality.

The Malaysian court has committed a crime against nature in sentencing Mr. Lukman, when he should be hailed as a pioneering medical hero.  There is AMPLE EVIDENCE of cannabis oil curing many things, including cancer, and helping with many others.

  Additionally, the use of cannabis in esoteric matters (meditation, artistic creativity, etc.) was old when ancient Greece was new.  Cannabis is a SACRED HERB,  it should be regarded as such, and I hereby charge the Malaysian court with MURDER.

Fri, 09/07/2018 - 8:07pm Permalink
Kaki Ganja (not verified)

In a country like Malaysia, the problem lies with leaders like Najib and Mahathir, both from the political party UMNO. Its clear cut Malaysia has the best climate to grow and manufacture hemp and marijuana respectively, but the political branches has only the drug issue to monetize on the defense platform as Malaysians are opposed to hard crimes such as firearms related and such. The ability to sentence someone to death also sends a message to all those in the country that its rulers are authoritarians and will do anything to enforce old pre colonial laws such as the mandatory death penalty to show they are absolute and they have power. Also, the issue of bribery and corruption is rampant in Malaysia where the politicians usually take huge amounts of bribes for almost anything business related, in this case Mahathir and Najib are seen to be keen to favor cigarette companies and probably this is why the Marijuana Legalization is thrown usually off the table before it reaches the Parliament with almost no consideration at all, and mocked and laughed at repeatedly. These old people who are the leaders are sarcastic and demeaning when it comes to the legalization issue also because they and their relatives have been said to have huge shares and quite likely to own the alcohol industry which is dooming the country today. The abuse of alcohol and methamphetamine is rampant and cannabis usage is so minor, but cannabis is the drug demonized and primarily pushed into the media's threshold. As long as Mahathir and Najib and their relatives in power, they will always take bribes from tobacco and alcohol companies and cannabis in any form will be deemed illegal. With crops like palm oil and rubber failing terribly even hemp is not considered at all in authoritarian Malaysia, deeming it to be highly corrupt and unsalvageable. Malaysians are ruled by fear and its media is closely monitored and controlled by the government, and the people are very ignorant about drugs such as marijuana. Their mentality is definitely shallow on the benefits of marijuana yet there are many cannabis users that are advocating the legalization with no support form any NGO or the government. These cannabis users are quite many, you are always able to buy cannabis almost anywhere as long as you know the people indicating there has been so many regular users in the thousands. But what is the use of taking marijuana in fear in such repressive and closed minded country where the leaders cherish the death penalty and are deaf to the pleas of the thousands of patients who need the plant? Leaders who need the death penalty as a statement to rule because without it they will look silly and funny? Oh no, they need the death penalty and will remain ignorant to the findings and cannabis research from the west. Malaysia will always remain a bottom country as long as it never keeps up with the achievements of the west, because its a country ruled by fear and ignorant people and its citizens are also such. Pity the cannabis users and patients who still use the medicine because anytime they may be caught and sentenced to death.
Thu, 09/13/2018 - 1:40am Permalink

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