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Drug War Chronicle

Comprehensive coverage of the War on Drugs since 1997

  • Europe: Scottish Drug Czar Says Drug War Is Lost, Causes Big To-Do

    Despite decades of drug war, Scotland has some of the highest drug use rates in Europe and more than 50,000 heroin addicts. Now Scotland's drug czar has unleashed a week of furious debate -- not the first in recent months -- by declaring that the war on drugs is lost and can never be won.
  • Marijuana: West Hollywood Passes "Lowest Priority" Resolution

    West Hollywood became the first Southern California city to adopt a "lowest law enforcement priority" measure toward marijuana when the City Council approved a resolution (albeit nonbinding) similar to Oakland's "Measure Z" on Monday night. Similar measures will go to voters in Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz and Santa Monica in November.
  • Law Enforcement: This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

    A federal prison contraband-for-sex scandal exploded into lethal violence Wednesday. And then there's the run of the mill: A one-time Wisconsin deputy goes down in a major marijuana bust, a former Mississippi deputy goes down for meth, a San Francisco prosecutor goes to prison for taking Ecstasy bribes, and a former Alabama deputy gets ready to go to prison for providing a gun and some crack rocks to an ex-con.
  • Alert: Major Medical Marijuana Vote in Congress Next Week!

    For the fourth consecutive year, an effort is underway in Congress to stop the Justice Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration from arresting and prosecuting medical marijuana patients and providers in the 11 states where it is legal. Amendment sponsor Rep. Maurice Hinchey and others spoke with DRCNet about its prospects. Next week the US House of Representatives will vote again on the Hinchey-Rohrabacher medical marijuana amendment, which if passed will forbid the US Dept. of Justice from interfering with state medical marijuana laws. It's crucial that more members of Congress vote for medical marijuana this year than did last year.