Drug War Chronicle #775 - March 14, 2013

1. Snitch: Action Thriller With a Drug War Message [FEATURE]

There's a Hollywood blockbuster action thriller with a message of interest to drug reformers. "Snitch" tells a tale of family sorrow and tragedy wrapped inside drug war injustices, and it's doing just fine at the box office.

2. Donate Today to Help End Prohibition

StoptheDrugWar.org needs your support to continue our work during the most important time in drug reform we've ever seen. We have gifts to send you too, with donations of $15 or more.

3. UN Report Slams Cruel Drug Treatment as "Torture"

Human rights are being violated in the name of drug treatment, according to a report from the UN's special rapporteur on torture.

4. New Mexico Marijuana Decrim Bill Passes House

A marijuana decriminalization and depenalization bill has passed the New Mexico House, but the margin of victory was close, the clock is ticking on the Senate, and the Republican governor has threatened a veto.

5. Medical Marijuana Update

There is action in various state houses, Michiganders continue to tussle over their medical marijuana law, and there's an investigation going on in Maine.

6. Portland (ME) Greens in Marijuana Legalization Referendum

While a marijuana legalization bill is pending in Maine, Green activists in Portland aren't counting on the legislature; they're about to roll out a local legalization initiative.

7. Britain to Study Other Countries' Drug Reforms

Britain will study drug reforms in other countries, the Home Affairs minister said -- but not too quickly and not with any notion of decriminalizing drugs.

8. ACLU to Examine SWAT, Police Militarization

The ACLU is undertaking a nationwide investigation into the use of military-style weapons, equipment, and tactics by civilian law enforcement.

9. Undercover Narc Kills Armed Michigan Teen

A Michigan teenage has been shot dead after pulling a gun and reportedly attempting to rob an undercover task force narcotics officer in Southfield Tuesday.

10. This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Cops growing pot, cops stealing pain pills, cops doing rip-offs, and narcs up to shady doings. Just another week on the corrupt cops beat.
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