Drug War Chronicle #682 - May 5, 2011

1. Feds on New Medical Marijuana Offensive [FEATURE]

Federal prosecutors are threatening elected officials in states considering regulating medical marijuana dispensaries. It's working, so far.

2. Montana Governor Will Not Veto Medical Marijuana Dispensary-Killing Bill [FEATURE]

The Montana legislature has passed a medical marijuana reform bill that is "repeal in disguise," according to advocates. The governor is also unhappy with it. He has ten days to veto it, but says he will let it become law.

3. Washington Governor Vetoes Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

There are no dispensaries or patient and provider registries left in the Washington medical marijuana dispensary and patient and provider registry bill after Gov. Gregoire took her veto pen to it.

4. Ohio Billionaire Seeks Medical Marijuana Vote

Ohio insurance magnate Peter Lewis has given millions for drug reform efforts across the country. Now, he'd like to see medical marijuana come to his home state.

5. NYC Mayor Bloomberg Discusses Drug Legalization

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg started to talk sense about drug legalization, but quickly fumbled. Meanwhile his police officers are arresting thousands of marijuana users -- in a city that has decriminalization!

6. New Zealand Commission Urges Drug Law Reform

A sweeping review of New Zealand's drug laws is calling for steps toward medical marijuana, decriminalization of drug possession and small-time dealing, and doing away with drug paraphernalia laws. Not too bad.

7. Wisconsin Marijuana and Free Speech Activist Ben Masel Has Died

Wisconsin marijuana activist, First Amendment supporter, and gadfly to the establishment Ben Masel has died of lung cancer at age 56.

8. Mexico Drug War Update

April was the deadliest month so far in Mexico's prohibition-related violence, with authorities reporting 1,402 killings.

9. This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories

Perverted probation officers, greedy jail guards, and a perjury plot backfires.

10. Undercover Narc Kills Drug Suspect in Shootout

Was it an attempted rip-off of prospective dope and gun buyers? Hard to say, but one man is dead after undercover narcs and the people they were there to bust got into a gunfight.

11. This Week in History

Events and quotes of note from this week's drug policy events of years past.
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